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    Coin Collecting, Playing games at Pogo.com waterfall hunting, going to Hockey,Baseball,WNBA(Seattle Storm) and Football games.
  1. Ok a question for everyone here. When we submit the State Quarter coins to PCGS for grading is there something we have to do to get them to put the state flag on the thing? Or is it random or?????
  2. So basically for American coins the best grading companies are PCGS and NGC eh? While I understand the buy the coin not the holder statement, I do like profesionally graded coins, I do have some coins that were graded by other companies, and was thinking of getting them resubmited as I think there overgraded. (I tend to be very tough on my grading) The worst being SGS which a certian Ebay seller has ten million coins from and they all seem to be graded MS70 or PR70.
  3. Is there a good place to get current prices on Banknotes from other countries, I'm interested in Banknotes from Norway, but when I look seems like they are pretty high priced on ebay. (Is there a better place to get banknotes from Norway?)
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome Doc I assume your a fan of the Buffalo Sabres? (NHL I like the Canucks, Wild and Predators, but I prefer Junior and Minor League Hockey)
  5. I'd give it a MS60 due to the fact the Reverse has a couple small flaws in it, like above the first T in States there appears to be a Green mildew stain or something, in between the wheat ear and the C appears to have some white on it, and a small scratch right above the the word "One". But it is a georgius coin though! Very strong eye appeal.
  6. The only way that Dollar coins will ever be accepted in the USA is if they do what the Canada did and stop making Dollar bills. Untell the US does that Americans will not accept a Dollar coin. Plain and simple.
  7. I think it's pretty hard for them to track down most notes that people write on unless there stupid enough to put personal info on it. One thing I always see is notes with "where's George" on it with a website printed and you can go to that website and see where that bill has been.
  8. Just wondering what is considered the best grading company around? ANACS? PCGS? NGC? ICQ? I won't mention the other's as there is a bunch of them out there that I won't deal with (Am I wrong here in not dealing with others like SGS(Who I think has a lot of over graded coins)?)
  9. I just joined this forum, so I hope I'm not to late on this, but please count me in
  10. Just found this place looking for Coin Forums, I am a regular poster at a few Pogo Related Forums, but I also collect coins so I'm glad I found this forum. Basically about myself, I love taking pictures of Waterfalls, mountains and other nature stuff and posting them on my webshots, and also taking pictures at hockey games. I've been a coin Collector for over 25 years and I live just Southeast of Seattle.
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