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    Family (Wife, Kids, Grandkids)<br /><br />Coins<br /><br />Collecting: Presidential Campaign Items; Autographed Pictures; Post Cards; National Geographics; Baseball Cards; Books; Caps with a logo showing where we have traveled.<br /><br />Travel<br /><br />Boating<br /><br />Photography<br /><br />Camping with our travel trailer
  1. Here in Colorado, the Presidential Dollar coins are circulating, although slowly. When in convenience stores or WalMart, I ask the cashier if he/she has any Presidential Dollars, and often there are one or two in the cash register.
  2. I hadn't heard a thing about it. I will look forward to it.
  3. My birthday is December 27, so I received quite a few coins for Christmas and my birthday. Some of the coins I received were: 2006 Oh Canada set of circulating coinage. 2006 Canadian 25 Cent Coin commemorating Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday. Card containing two $2 Canadian Coins, one "First Mint Mark," and the other "Final Non-Mint Mark." 2006 Canadian Special Edition Uncirculated Set. 2005 Canadian Mint Report, with 2005 Commemorative nickel encapsulated and embedded in the cover. 1913 T-2 Buffalo Nickel, Fine 1916 Buffalo Nickel, Fine 1917 Buffalo Nickle, Fine. 2006 and 2007
  4. 1. Maintain my completed collections. 2. Complete Washington Quarters collection. 3. Decide which of the Presidential Series I plan to collect, and collect them. 4. Do some reading on banknotes since that is a new area of interest just acquired. 5. Continue to work with our six Grandkids in hopes of getting them interested in collecting. 6. Attend another ANA Convention. 7. Up-Date some Numismatic books such as Red Book, World Coins. 8. Buy Dansco Albums for Aussie 20 cent and 50 cent pieces, and complete that collection. 9. Complete Aussie Kookaburra Collection. 10. Complet
  5. Mexico, 2004, One Peso bi-metalic coin. About the size of a nickel.
  6. I'm lucky to have a wonderful local coin dealer. He and his daughter are very friendly, helpful, and trusting. That is to say they don't stand and look over my shoulder as I look at their valuable coins. Their prices are also very fair. Regarding "What a deal," you should see what came in the mail (advertisement) yesterday. I can get a P and D of all Statehood quarters issued so far, including the "very rare" ones. And, remember, once they are gone, they are gone for good! How much? A mere $25. What a deal.
  7. My wife and I have our two sets. They are very nice. Our daughter is still waiting for hers. Our oldest son ordered 10 sets, but probably waited too long. So, we're hopeful he might be lucky and get his order.
  8. Thanks Everybody!! Rotten Rodney: That cat looks just like mine!
  9. I am now finding quite a few of the 2004 and 2005 nickels in circulation, but very few of the 2006. I have even asked my bank if they had a roll or two I could have, and was told they didn't. I wonder why there are so few of the 2006 nickels in circulation?
  10. Thanks Tabbs, I appreciate the information.
  11. My wife and I bought two of the Silver sets, and they are beautiful. It was tough to find $200, however we are glad we did.
  12. That's fine if it's what most people of Hawaii want. However, it would be far from the first thought of most people when thinking about that state.
  13. I too am excited about the new Presidential dollars. It will circulate to some extent, but not very well until the $1 note is eliminated, if ever. The new coin will be a "cash cow" for the mint, just as the Statehood Quarters are now. By the way, can anybody explain to me where the date will be located on the new coins. I've seen drawings of what the coins will look like, however the drawings don't show a date.
  14. Most all of my Canadian coins are in blue Whitman folders. Of course they were put there 30 years ago. I don't know if Whitman still makes Canadian folders or not.
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