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  1. I'd say don't bother. So many people use Excel for coin programs, yours would be just one more of the many others out there that sort of fade away. One of the big problems with any new or different coin sorting, detailing, etc. program is the versatility of Excel. By that I mean you can make a Excel listing of your coins and then take it with a flash drive almost anywhere on Earth and use it on someone's computer. So many people have Excel it makes it really versatile. There are already many other coin type programs out there and so many try to use them and then find out sort of a waste of time and go back to Excel. Also, many people are now using thier cell phones to make lists of thier coins or coin needs so at a coin show, they can just look up what they need or want. Sort of replacing that old piece of paper we all used to carry. Any coin program is OK but after you've accumulated thousands of coins, you would find it takes more time to play with a computer program than playing with your coin collection.
  2. Just the opposite by me. Makes me mad too. Way back when I was a kid my Dad used to give me all sorts of foriegn coins he would get in change. He had a gas station and would always take those since he knew I collected coins. Now however, I haven't found a foriegn coin of any kind in change for many, many years. Not even a Canadian one.
  3. Difficult to remember unless you were around in the early 30's. Money, any kind, was attempted to be used. People tried using washers, slugs, anything since no one had real money. As a kid back then all coins were really old since they kept on being used. Sitting Liberty coins were normal. Indian Head Cents too were normal. And anything that looked like a coin was attempted to be used. Did you know that those pay phones we used to all use didn't have the ability to know if you put in a coin unless the operator heard a tone for that type of coin. Many people that were smart would get a set of tuning forks. Contact the operator on a pay phone and when she said please deposit $2 or something, the caller would just plunk the right tuning fork and that worked. My Dad had a vending machine in his gas station and you'ld be amazed at what people tried to use in that thing.
  4. I've never tried any of those programs people talk about for coins. I'll stick to Excel. The reasons are simple. It is a Simple program. AND if and when you have any questions, you can ask almost anyone that has a computer and they'll know or tell you how to find out. One nice thing about Excel is it's so common on PC's that if you simply place your info on a flash drive, you can see it almost anywhere. Cant do that if you use some software not on others computers.
  5. Problem with this question is it's not limited to how long someone's been a coin collector. By that I mean many here probably started coin collecting a short time ago so thier changes of finding a really old coin is not easy. Then just the opposite is the person collecting for a long, long time. Me for instance. When I was a kid all Indian Head Cents were common in change. Finding any Sitting Liberty coins were as common as a Roosevelt Dime today. Actually Roosevelt Dimes were not even made yet. I remember when people still tried to use Large Cents in vending machines since they were still being used every day. If I only knew then what I know now...............
  6. Not a Double Die. Just from really old worn dies. Happens a lot and always appears to be doubled.
  7. Difinitely a Post Mint thing. Not sure but almost looks like someone just scratched that there for some reason. And your right about that 68. Same thing is found on many of the 72's and many other dates from back slightly prior to the change over in 82. They make nice looking coins for an Album but no big thing in prices.
  8. Could be almost anything. More than likely a PMD thing. Or just a piece of something in the die at the Mint. I wouldn't think it's anything important.
  9. I too was going to say machine doubling from worn out dies. Until I noticed the 2. That is not just from a worn die. That 2 is moved way to f ar over. Sure looks like a bit of Doubled Die. How is the rest of the coin? Any signs of doubling in the face, lettering, etc?
  10. More likely a worn out die.
  11. I suggest you join as many coin forums as possible. Get to know their rules about sales and then post what you have for sale there.
  12. Possibly the best thing is if you don't know how, leave them alone. Cleaning coins is something for a professional that would not really clean one but sort of take off excess dirt without damaging the coins. Much of the STUFF on coins if from a chemical reaction with the metal and removing that STUFF, also takes away some of the metal. If you ever watch the TV show called the Antique Road Show you would hear professionals all the time saying "If you hadn't cleaned this, it would have been worth many, many times more in value" Think of it as would you wash one of the Mummies from the old Egypian Piramids? Would you Sand blast the Mona Liza Painting? Old things should be as much as the way they were. Many people suggest if you really, really have to attempt to clean a coin, use Acetone, they distilled water and blow dry with a hair dryer.
  13. If you don't know how to do it, best leave them alone. It's not the messed up coin to worrry about. It's the loss of an eye from flying plastic.
  14. Always best to have something like that checked by an expert. Take them to a coin store or coin show and ask. You never know. Might be junk, might be something rare. You just never know.
  15. Odd and neat looking but more common than you think. Many Cents from the 80's looked similar and some really horrible. It appears that when the Mint changed from all Copper to those Zinc things, the material was never really made well and/or the Mint didn't know what they were doing yet. If you check out many Pennies made from 83 to 89, you would see all kinds of oddball dappearances. Many people see the odd almost doubled rim effect right through all the lettering. Many have those bubbles.
  16. Your mistaken as to it was not inacted. They were not Cents, not half Cents either. In many States they used what was called Tax Token Mills. They were made in denominations of 1/10 of a Cent and 1/2 of a Cent. They were both metal and plastic. And yes they were made and used in many States about in the 30's or 40's, not sure. I have a roll of them from Missouri. Mine are mostly the 1/10 of a Cent in Plastic of both Red And Green colors. My only metal one is a 1/2 Cent one and has a hole in the middle. The hole is not what someone did but that is the way it was made and I can not find out why. I got mine from an Aunt that lived in Missouri back in those days. Imagine going to a store and buying something for a dollar and having to pay $1.001. Or $1.005. By the way I have no idea how or where you can buy these today.
  17. I only need one coin enough to keep me looking all the time. A 1921D Mercury Dime in high MS grades with FSB's. With that one I'd have a completed set of Mercury Dimes in all MS grades.
  18. Not sure what the purpose of this all is. Regardless of answers, what good is it and for who? Research for who? What good are the results? I'd try to answer but if just for no purpose, why bother?
  19. As for me I think this is rather an easy question and easy answers. However, the answers mostly depend on where you live, ease of transportation and a few other things. 1. Hands down no ebay, on line dealer, coin store could ever beat the coin shows. For prices. For fun. For information. To meet people. And lots of other things that go with a coin show. Normally no taxes, no parking fees, no entrance fees, no insurances, no lost in mail, no wrong item sent. Naturally the problem with coin shows is does your area have them. 2. Flea markets are my second choice for prices. Not usually the best place for varieties or quantitiies though 3. Garage/yard/estate sales are next for basically the same reason as 2. above 4. Most coin stores if you frequent them enough to get known. 5. ebay or other on line auctions. I just could not possibly ever find the deals, prices, education and anything else dealing with coins over a coin show. Of course in my area we have 4 a Month and all withing abou 15 miles of me.
  20. Sort of already stated. Being new to this you probably have not heard that coins are a hobby, not an investment. If your thinking of an investment in coins, try reselling any that you have now. Just where would you sell them? On the internet? If on ebay, there are costs for that service and then too, you might end up with less than you paid. Take to a coin store and find you'll get offered much less than you think. Same at a coin show. This is a great hobby, but to make money on it takes a lot of knowhow, education, location and a great big inventory. As to your so called MS-70 grading. Remember that although from one of the larger TPGS's, they still have people working there. People make mistakes all the time. And too as already noted as you enlarge any coin, you may well find flaws. Nothing man made is perfect.
  21. Exactly what I was saying. I'm sure there are millions of people that collect coins. Even the PCGS forums have only 30 or 40 thousand members. And if you added up all the members on all the coin forums, still would be minor compared to how many really collect coins. And as noted a poll on a coin forum only gets people that use the internet and are members of coin forums. And even with polls like this one, no one really knows who made up what. It is just as possible that half of all replys are bogus. No one really knows. There is an add on TV lately kind of making fun of how the internet is so full of, well you know. So even on a coin forum, people could and many do just say whatever they feel like regardless of real or not. All sort of on the pessimistic view point but I sure would llike to know more detailed resultls of polls like this but on a larger scale.
  22. Yes I know but what I said was I've never seen a book on Dimes at coin shows. I go to from 2 to 4 coin shows a Month. And again, so far never saw a book on Dimes at any of them. Hate to repeat but just wanted to make it clear that for some reason not a popular book Ever wonder why Dimes are small. If you think about coins you would think that the more the face value, the larger the coins. So it should be a really small Penny, followed by the Nickel, then a Dime should be next larger in size. But for some odd reason they went with Silver for the Dime so it had to be smaller than the ohters. Yet as you go to the Quarter, then Half Dollar and the Old Dollar they got bigger and bigger.
  23. Speaking of weddings. You may want to try this. In the past when I know someone that is getting married and they are coin collectors, instead of currency in a card, give them all rolls of Nickels or Dimes or Pennies. Not to long ago someone I knew was getting married and collected Pennies and drank a lot of beer. So I took many beer cans, drank the beer, washed out the cans, filled them with Pennies, gift wrapped it and gave it to them.
  24. To far for me to drive. And would probably get lost anyway. Coin shows all over in many states this Month. Must be a back to school thing.
  25. Guess you missed my point. As I said, I've never seen any books on Dimes at coin shows, coin stores, hobby stores, book stores nor any place that sells books, magazines, etc. Yes, there well may be many, many books on Dimes somewhere on Earth, but so far, I've never seen one for sale. Possibly if I searched on line, eventually I'd find some. However, so far I've nver purchased anything on line.
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