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  1. This is 3.3 grams and around 18.5mm. Is this a genuine?
  2. This is 10 grams and diameter is 30mm. Ho to tell if it is genuine?
  3. This is 13 grams and diameter is around 29.5mm. How do i tell if it is genuine?
  4. I have this WRL replica.... 3 grams weight. Diameter around 18mm. How do I tell if it is a genuine?
  5. Some notes from Zimbabwe with animals.
  6. Hi. Coins from Southern Rhodesia were from 1932 to 1964 so not sure where your 1800's coins are from. Have you got a photo?
  7. Hi. Which Southern Rhodesia1950 coin are you looking for?
  8. Is this an error coin? It's a 1985 USA 5 cent. I can post some close-ups if anyone wants to study it... It really looks like it was made like this as opposed to being damaged afterwards as the lettering all seems to blend with the curves and bends. I would love your opinions.
  9. This is a South Africa R2.00 CLAMSHELL error coin. Verified by the mint.
  10. Hi Art. Yes, I have attached the letter from them confirming that it is during the manufacturing process (not sure if you can read it though). I have looked at auction sites, etc but haven't seen anything like this other than on sites that only give details on various errors. It can't be a common error.... unfortunately the mint cannot suggest buyers for these things as they say "they only make them!" Most other coin sites in South Africa seem to be interested in gold coins, Mandela coins and graded coins!!!
  11. I have this South African R2.00 (Rand) coin which has been verified in a letter by our mint that is was made by them. I have read various blogs and error coin sites about clamshell errors being very unusual/uncommon and our mint did agree. In fact they said that they had never seen a coin come out of the mint like this one. But, I haven't been able to find anyone in SA that would be interested in buying this coin or at least, don't know where to find who would be interested! What is your opinion - should I keep looking to sell or hold on it to as it has no real value??
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