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  1. KM# 13, Metal C-N, 5 Heller, 1912-1914, VF $30. Modern World Coins 14th ed., By R.S. Yeoman
  2. 1883 was the 1st year for the Liberty Head 5 cents, cents were added to the coin on later 1883 mintages Issue: 1883-1912 Engraver: Charles Barber Metallic: 75% cop, 25% nickle
  3. I keep noticing this every time I look at the comparison pic. Is there a difference in the angle of the forehead between the two ? Something they changed after the trial strike ! It might just be me ! Tom
  4. The D in upper left looks doubled from the pic
  5. What mint mark ?, has a HUGE difference in $ Can You post some pics ? Tom
  6. I wish I had the photographic skills and quality coins to show off. Since I found this site, my eyes have been opened to a different level of the hobby. Years past, I would find coins I thought were interisting, and put them up. Now I have a Large quanity of coins in so-so condition, and few in pristine cond. I still luv to look and read all the info, you guys have some amazing collections. Tom
  7. Great Coin, looks ok to me, but I'm just a collector of Morgans not a re-seller. If you look at the VAM link to Morgans, yours matches a few variations MS, would be hard to tell from the photo, but kinda doubt it. Cleaned coins are devalued somewhat,but most have been at some time. My entire circulated Morgan book are all dirty, black, ugly coins, they are ALL there, just not pretty to look at. Hold onto it for a couple years, silver will go up more, collectors will be snagging these up as public and private inventory depletes Tom
  8. Nice pick-up for 20, best of luck with it ! Harsh market right now I can't sell a thing, but everyone is digging up old stuff they want me to buy, mostly junk ! Tom
  9. don't see a 1 after 1889, 2.50 or a 5 maybe ? pics would help Tom
  10. Welcome CMCART, awesome morgan ! VAM, you never know, lots of variations, happy hunting ! Tom
  11. Score ! Last year I was presented a lot of 7, 5 gal buckets of US coinage, wasn't even worth the time to look. Bought a hoard of 27 coins back in June, 1803 1/2 penny was the only true find I've had in the last year.
  12. looking at my inventory, it seems the only other of this type is a 1933. So now I'm getting closer to a set, 1 coin at a time! Tom
  13. Thanks, guess I didn't make anything over my .02 cent investment. lol! Couldn't remember on the Canada cent, hence my buy on this one, well it only cost me a penny. Tom
  14. Found a couple today, 1928 Canada Penny, I believe last year this coin, before it went to maple leaf 2nd a 1982 Lincoln Memorial cent, with a interisting error, if it is a error vs. manipulation. again sorry for poor pics, I'll eventually learn how to take good photos. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us any opinion on the Lincoln penny error/manipulated penny welcome if it is a error, what would have caused it, same size and edge type as a blank planchett, will fit perfectly inside the edge of a regular penny. But, letters seem to go into edge not on top of it
  15. They canceled all but 1, the shakespear in 1st pic. lol !
  16. looking it up in modern world coins, 1870-1901 VF 60, EF 135 1875 VF $2,275 usd 1880 VF $425 usd 1885,87,89,91,93 VF $600 usd Thats all the info I have, book prices, no real market price. Tom
  17. Is it common to have multiple names for commemorative coinage ? OP: 1913 War Of Liberation Prussia 3 Mark Silver Coins YS Yeoman:"Centennial,Defeat of Napoleon" Gunter Schon: The Centenary of The War of Liberation Obv. Friedrich Wilhelm III on horseback surrounded by rejoicing crowd
  18. The Modern World Coins, 14th ed, RS Yeoman Lists this coin as "Centennial,Defeat of Napoleon" Y#133, KM#534, Silv, 3mark,1913, VF 13, EF 18, Unc 35 If i read right, 0.4823 troy oz / 0.9000 silv So 35-45 wouldn't be unreasonable ! Best of luck !
  19. Nice article, especially the what to look for part, knowledge is power. What you said about looking over the reduced bins rings very true, like my fav quote. The early bird may catch the worm, but it's the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese. Tom
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