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  1. Never had a coin "shipped" to me from another country. However, I have been lucky to live, work, and PLAY in lots of places including: USA Canada Mexico England Netherlands Belgium Luxumburg Germany France Italy Saudi Arabia Japan Korea Singapore Malaysia Laos Cambodia Vietnam China and, of course, the second greatest country in the world, Thailand (USA is #1 in case you are wondering) The cost of travel may be expensive, but you sure save on shipping costs for the coins!!
  2. Damn....someone had to mention that freakin Shriver dollar. I get chicken skin just thinking about that uglyness. I think that pvc damage would actually make her better looking. I recommend you have five or six beers and that little peace dollar will look downright pretty....worked for me back in college at least.
  3. Here are the Japanese coin dates since 1900 if you are interested: japcoindates.doc However, there is no substitue for the Standard Catalog of World Coins.
  4. With all these people here from the far North, I will really enjoy telling you about the 30C weather here during the winter. Maybe some pics from the beach? Welcome to the forum....let me know if you need anything from the Kingdom. Dave
  5. Honey is acidic with an average pH of 3.9. The major acid in honey is gluconic acid, but there are several others. Check it out: http://www.nhb.org/download/factsht/ph-acid.pdf Speaking of which, it's about time I brewed another batch of mead. Dave
  6. To remove the hot spots and still have good lighting you need a diffuser for the lightsource. Ever notice in the photo studio, the flash doesn't point at you? It shoots backwards onto a sheet or umbrella thingy. Try using a brighter light source, but then not letting it light the coin directly. Paper is actually a pretty good diffuser too, but you need a bright light to put enough lumens through it. Then you could point directly at the coin from a few different angles. With all that said, I don't bother myself. Too much work unless you really need an outstanding picture for something.
  7. I started about 25 years ago when I got a lincoln penny folder as a Christmas present. Collecting from circulation is definately the way to go for your daughter, and you can supplement additional "extras" for her (birth year stuff or 100 years before birth year is a great idea). I recommend you let her decide what coin she thinks is the coolest and take it from there. My son is 5 and I recently did this with him. I also highly recommend foreign currency for kids. Current issues are available at face value or for trade quite easilly (maybe a pen-pal) and kids love learning about these mysterious, exotic places.
  8. Oooooh...I've always wanted to have a few of those "reb" notes. I've got some civil war notes from the good side. Seems like the folks that collect confederate currency must really like it because the prices seem to be awfully high. If you know of a good place to get them, let us know.
  9. 1996 Commemorative 50 baht polymer note. I thought this was pretty neat since it is not the regular issue polymer that they used to have here.
  10. SquirrelNuts, I don't thnk you gave the wrong impression, you just brought up a topic that stirred interest from a lot of folks. My personal 2-cents is that while no investment is certain, coins are much less likely to provide a solid return than other avenues (what could be referred to as economic "real profit" where the return you get is greater than your next possible alternative). If I were to invest in coins (as opposed to collecting), I would suggest that we are currently on the high-end of a market that tends to be very cyclical. Therefore, it would be a bad time to invest anyway. It is also important to note that I am often wrong about such things.
  11. That's why you should always wear sunscreen. Those coins will probably get skin cancer later on in life.
  12. Same here...but that works out much better for me if I'm spending only $30 on coins this month. Plus, she throws my wine purchase $$ in with the coin $$ when she figures out how much I've been spending. Oh, wait a minute.....you said "give your wife for spending." That's a nice system you've got there. The boss (that's not me) allocates the spending money around here. It's all good.
  13. Although we've never met, I think I would fit in well with your group of friends. As far as a budget for coins, I'm in the same category as Stujoe ($10 here and there). If I keep it cheap, it doesn't get on my lovely wife's radar.
  14. I think human nature and curiosity makes it impossible to believe that anyone would ever "find" a big box of silver coins in the attic and then sell them on eBay without ever searching though them to see if there was anything really valuable. It is even less likely that a collector/dealer, which this guy obviously is based on all his eBay purchases of coins, would buy/find a bunch of coins and then turn around and sell them without knowing exactly what he had. My guess is that he buys lots of coins on eBay and elsewhere, takes out what he wants, and then sells the leftovers in lots like this. I'm not saying he's a bad guy....just bid accordingly.
  15. Thanks for the info. I have 2 of them, but the bronze has turned black. I've seen the bronze color on other bills, but it always seems better coordinated into the design. Any idea why they splatted a big "0" right across the front of this one? Is there any significance to that (ie. why not a "10" like on the third issue or on the back)? Appreciate the use of your brain.....
  16. I just ordered: Standard Catalog of World Coins Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Standard Catalog of US Paper Money They are all the 2004 editions, but I got them from half.com for a total of $16.97 plus shipping. I just couldn't resist the bargain. The new editions cost $87.11 total plus shipping on amazon. Ouch!
  17. I think the $1 presidental coins are a sure thing. They will be good for general education of the public too. I've heard that some teachers are using the state quarters as a teaching tool in the classroom, and I'm sure they will use the presidental coins in the same way to discuss events of the time. UncleBobo--perhaps the political bashing would be better off in the community forums portion of the website.
  18. Good luck. I would have pushed them to go escrow...but she kinda had you over the barrel since you agreed to pay within 48 hours. If it makes you feel any better, I had kept 4 super-crisp sequential bills from this series, but my wife decided to spend some of them. Of course, she grabbed the two middle bills, leaving me with 2 non-sequential bills left. I like to buy cheap stuff on ebay. The expensive stuff is too scary.
  19. I have a medium-size fireproof safe due to the location I'm in. Whenever I move back the the US, I'll probably get a safe deposit box. Whether it is for collectibles, important documents, or cherished items, I would highly recommend that everyone have a fireproof box in their home. Having insurance doesn't mean that an item is replaceable. I also use one of those oven-rechargable dessicants in the safe, and I assume it would be a good idea for a safe deposit box too. Just hope none of your neighbors were "inspired" by the bank robbers in Brazil.
  20. I'm not a big collector, but I have a smattering of various US fractional notes. I always wondered about the big black "O" that is stamped across the 10 cent. I know this is not on all the 10 series (I believe mine is second series), and I have also seen it on a 5 cent note. I can provide a scan, if necessary, but I think if you are a fractional collector you will know what I'm talking about. Any idea what it is for or why they did this? Thanks. Dave
  21. Coins already have very cyclical prices and the size of the market will tend to be inversely proportional to the size of the upper/lower limits of the cycle. Not sure where you live, but if you buy most of your coins in Russia, I would think you could still find good deals. If you are buying from the US, the Russian coin market is a lot smaller and will be much more cyclical. So, you have to decide whether or not the price increases are due to temporary factors (such as economic cycles, fear of inflation, etc) or more permanent causes (such as increased prosperity in Russia, education of public to value of Russian coins, etc). If you think it is temporary, you can wait until your product is out of favor, and prices will go down that much more! If it is a permanent adjustment of the "true" value of the coins you collect, you're out of luck (at least the coins you already have are worth more). As for counterfeit coins, I agree 100%. I have pretty much given up on my favorite area of collecting due to the flood of fakes on the market.
  22. Like the song says: If you can't be with the one you love.....love the one you're with.
  23. My undergrad ed is in Southeast Asian studies and my graduate work is in economics, so I collect seemingly random pieces that interest me for historical or personal reasons. There is a constant stream of commemoratives (bordering on ridiculous) from the recent modern era that I occasionally collect such as the 20 and 50 baht coins. I would collect older Rattanakosin coinage (1782-) as well as Auttaya era (1351-1767) and Sukothai era (1238-1438) coinage if there wasn't so much fake stuff on the market. It's frustrating because the stuff that is historically interesting is very easy to counterfeit. My banknotes mirror my coins in that they tend towards Royal family commemoratives and early Rama IX issues (1946-). It is worthy to note that I would have a lot more, except that my wife considers it her hobby to prevent me from buying coins.
  24. Yes, although it appears from the date that it was resubmitted again (I think I saw a bill dated Nov 2004). I was just wondering if anyone had inside info as to whether or not this was going to make it. Yes, I am aware of the Yellowstone (and Mount Rushmore) commemoratives although I haven't bought them yet.
  25. Greetings. I've been a member here for a while (before the crash and then rejoined after the site was set up again), but I never posted until recently. Anyway, now that I've posted a few times, I figured I'd better introduce myself. I'm an American, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. No, I'm not one of those weirdo expats that can't make it in his home country. I actually work for Uncle Sam out here. I also did some high school and college here in the Kingdom, so it is kind of a second home. Anyway, I collect coins and banknotes from the US and Asia. Currently, I am working on: 1-Libery Nickel set 2-Complete coin sets from 1900 and 1904 (100 years prior to the birth of each of my children) 3-Bunch of local stuff that I doubt anyone would be interested in except for me 4-Trying to get my son interested in the hobby by helping him with a circulated Roosevelt dime set (which is not so easy to do from over here, and which my son would rather spend on candy anyway ) Dave
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