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  1. Highly recommended for trade or purchase. Thanks for the bills!
  2. These figures are for the regular issue only. In many years, the commems are issued in far greater numbers than the regular issues....especially if there is a significant event regarding the King. In 2542, the King had his 6 cycle birthday (72 yrs) and there were 6 million of those 10 baht commems produced. Plus, there were a few others made that year (in smaller quantity I'm sure, but they seem to be lacking data on some of them). Dave
  3. Sorry I misunderstood your question. Yes, there were regular issue 10 baht coins produced after 1996. As far as I can remember, there have been regular issues and commems most years. There is a lot of good info on the Department of the Treasury website....but it is all in Thai. Not much info in English. For instance the production in 2540 was 9,310,600, 2541--980,000. 2542--1,030,000. They don't have the figures for any of the coin denominations after that, but I think they were produced most years. The website is almost up-to-date on the commem issues. But, again, it is all in Thai. Here is a link in case you want to take a look: http://www.treasury.go.th/coin/coininfo/index.php?CoinType=2 The third item down is the issues for the King's 60th year on the throne. I had forgotton that there were some coins being made in Finland. They produce about a billion coins a year at the Royal Thai Mint, but I suppose that's just not enough.
  4. Hmmm...I'm not familiar with "Rahapaja." The Royal Thai Mint is called "Rong-Grasap" and the Treasury Department is called "Krom-Tanarak." The mint designs and produces the coins. If you give me some more details on what you mean, I can probably answer your question. Dave
  5. Heaven forbit....no. Unfortunately, I had to move back from Bangkok this past summer and just arrived here in Washington DC....work, work, work. However, I can tell you that they are cranking out those 10 baht commems faster than you can say sawasdee. The most recent ones that I have were produced in late Jun-early July 06 (Rama 5 150 year commem and Rama 9 60 years on the throne commem). I can't scan them in for you yet, since most of my household good haven't arrived on the slow boat yet. The bimetal 10 baht regular issue (Wat Arun--the temple of the dawn--on the reverse) remains unchanged except for the year. If you are interested, I can (eventually) scan the set in so you can see what all your missing.
  6. Too bad we don't have any fancy numismatic specialty stores like "target" where I live.
  7. Tiff, I have an extra 55, 61, 62D, and 64 that you can have to fill holes. None of them are that great (that's why they are extras), but I'll send them to you for free if you want them. Dave
  8. I think nickels hold a special place for many collectors that started in childhood collecting from circulation (not to say I don't still collect from circulation). From a kids perspective, nickels were larger than both pennies and dimes, and quarters were far too valuable to hoard. Hell, a quarter was my weekly allowance! I started with pennies as a kid, but nickles always seemed more interesting even then. The size of the nickel also allows for slightly more room for the design, with the buffalo being one of the most popular designs in all of US coinage. This popularity with all levels of collector is what drives up the prices on both the lower and higher ends of the spectrum and makes it harder to get well circulated pieces for low prices like you can with some other coins. The good news is that you are still young. If you pick up just one or two shield nickels a year, you'll be done in no time. Of course, there are a lot of weak strikes. Good luck finding a deal on the 79-81. Dave
  9. Have you tried contacting the folks at the website below? http://www.waterlow.stamps.org.uk/ They might be just the folks to answer your questions. Dave
  10. I don't get it. I've tried to get halves at every bank I have frequented in the last 5 years. I've also tried every bank that any of my relatives use. I have yet to find a single one that has more than 2 coins. Dave
  11. $1.25. I can't resist anything from 1900 or 1904. Dave
  12. If you have any left....and still want to go through with it, I would love one. Dave
  13. If we were living in a hypothetical world where a loaf of bread was $9.50 and the market price of your morgan was also $9.50, then you would be neither wise nor unwise to swap. They are products of equal value (provide the same utility/happiness to the market). It would simply depend on your personal preferences at that moment. If more people prefered one choice to the other, then the prices would change accordingly and the hypothetical world you presented no longer exists.
  14. That is terrible and impressive. I have a feeling that the Nigerian email scammers and other well-organized rip-off artists will eventually move into eBay on a large scale. It's already started on a smaller scale. Once that happens, you will have to worry about every single transaction, even if the seller has a lot of positive feedback. eBay may cease to be a viable marketplace in the near future.
  15. More than ok. Great notes...those fancy serials certainly come at a hefty premium. I've always thought it would be neat to have some, but was never willing to pay the extra price.
  16. Some of us provided similar info/thoughts in the following thread: http://www.coinpeople.com/Where-can-I-find...rnet-t4659.html You might want to read through it and see if you like any of the suggestions there. Dave
  17. Derrick, We are happy to have you on the forum, and I'm sorry if I didn't explain it well in my previous post. Let me be a little more precise. For post #58, you should have banknotes totaling 58. In theory, a 58 dollar, 58 rupee, 58 whatever note would be best. But, since there aren't any that I can think of, you could, for example, post 2-20 dollar bills, 1-10 dollar bill, 1-5 dollar bill, and 3-one dollar bills to add up to the magic number of 58. Then, it is up to some adventuresome soul to post 59 sheckles, 59 ringits, 59 scooby-snack redeemable coupons, or whatever. By, SEA folks I meant that I live in Thailand. There is another famous member here as well, and there are at least a couple I know of in the Philippines. Dave
  18. I know what you are saying, but I disagree for these notes. If I didn't do anything, I would have had to spend them at the market or just keep them folded up as swans (which I am doing for several). The notes were crisp, consecutive serial number bills that were origami for 10 years. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words: The second shot is after being unfolded and pressed in a book for several days. The final one is after dampening the bill between a moist towel to loosen the folds a bit and then pressing it in the same book overnight. I don't think that I've done anything to lower the value of this note. Value prior=20 baht. Value now=20 baht (maybe slightly more since they haven't been printed for a while). The only difference is that instead of spending it at the market, I'll now stick it in my banknote collection (and then spend it later when I get a better one). Some of the other ones I did came out even better. Dave
  19. Cladking, Of course everyone should collect what they want and pay what the market demads. However, if I could pull an MS-62 Morgan dollar out of change today for face value, then yes, I would say that a person is a little crazy to pay $20,000 for an MS-69. Same goes true for the Lincoln. Price is nothing more than supply/demand, so $158 is obviously the "correct" value of this coin. That's why I was wondering how much disposable income someone would have to have to make that worth it. After reading your post, I would have to add a second question. How much free time would someone have to have to go through tens of thousands of new Lincolns studying them for tiny imperfections? Crazy isn't all bad, and everybody should have something that they are a little crazy about. For me, it's good beer....and it is damn hard to get over here. Dave
  20. Just out of curiosity, what is your reasoning for throwing down 20 bucks or whatever to have another slab placed around it. I suppose you might want to for resale or if you were a registry player, but as long as you know it is protected, authentic, and you are keeping for your own enjoyment, why waste the money? Personally, I like the big 3 TPGs not for grading, but for the authenticity part. As pauldean mentioned, we see a lot of problems in this part of the world...mostly coming out of China, although I think the local coins are faked locally. I actually bought my last Thai coin from the USA because there were so many fakes and harshly cleaned coins at the market. Just my 2 cents (and I'm not getting many takers at that price). Dave
  21. see323, I think Art was trying to convey (in a friendly way) that your post doesn't exactly fit in with this particular thread (counting to 100 with banknotes). Since the previous post was "57", your posting of a note with a value of "1" was a little short of "58" (the next logical note posting). BTW, welcome to the forum. We are getting quite a little group of SEA folks here now. Dave
  22. I have to say I'm not impressed by this coin. I think for that much money, Lincoln ought to be able to talk or dance or something. I wonder how much disposable income you have to have to be able to justify paying that much for a coin that is only the slightest bit better than what you can find in pocket change.
  23. Hmmm....guess I'd classify myself as a pathetic wannabe. Too frugal to buy anything rare or valuable and unable to concentrate on any particular series or type. Never sold anything and tend to buy in spurts. I'd like to leave a nice collection for each of my children someday, so I guess I still have some time. After all, I'm not dead yet.
  24. Hmmm....guess I'd classify myself as a pathetic wannabe. Too frugal to buy anything rare or valuable and unable to concentrate on any particular series or type. Never sold anything and tend to buy in spurts. I'd like to leave a nice collection for each of my children someday, so I guess I still have some time. After all, I'm not dead yet.
  25. Part 3 of 3: Too bad the currency is only used to make change for items costing less than one US dollar. Fortunately, most places where I was took Thai baht also, or it would have been a pain to find US dollars to pay with everywhere.
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