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  1. There are probably some much smarter guys than me on the website that can answer, but your description doesn't match my Netherlands square 5 cent pieces circa 1913-1943. I don't see a match in Krause for the Netherlands or the Netherlands Antilles either. My guess would be it is a commemorative issue. I wouldn't expect a high value, but of course that would depend on condition and exactly what it is.
  2. Finally found one of these that I liked at a reasonable price.
  3. Finally got a buddy to keep my one dollar bill from 1917 company. Too bad my scans always come out so crappy.
  4. I primarily collect mainland SEA because I've lived there several times, but since started to travel to Indonesia this year for work, I plan to start collecting some notes there too. My catalog has price figures pretty close to what dave listed in his post. However, there is also a note that states most examples of 35A (the 600 rupiah note) in high grade are contemporary copies. Sorry to disappoint on the big $$. Dave
  5. When I was a boy, my allowance was 25 cents a week, and I can remember hoarding those precious quarters in my piggy bank...counting and recounting them along with a few dimes, nickels, and pennies. I can't explain it precisely, but I certainly felt like those coins were special and important. Occasionally, I'd get a 50 cent piece from my grandfather, and it felt like hitting the lottery. My life is a lot more complicated now, and simple pleasures lose much of their novelty as we get older. However, when I am playing (as my wife puts it) with my coin collection, I feel the same way I did years ago looking at the half-dollar from Grandpa. It's my little world of something special and precious...even if it is not in monetary terms (I only have a handful of coins that cost more than what it takes to fill my car with gas these days). But, it doesn't feel that way when I'm playing. It is also interesting to note that my love of coin collecting was resparked when I had children of my own. Perhaps seeing the joy of small things through their eyes made me want to recapture some of that myself. Plus, I'm a geek and coin collecting works out well as a pretty geeky hobby. Lots of background, numbers, history, etc behind every little hunk of copper, silver, and even zinc. Let's face it, there is nothing quite like the look in someone's eyes when you explain to them the reason behind the different composition of war nickels or the variations on a coin type through the years. Mostly, they nod politely...but they are thinking "what planet are you from and why would you bother to store such useless and arcane knowledge in your head?" It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Dave
  6. ... Duke Ellington??? I may not have been a history or political science major, but isn't DC our f**king Capital? WTF!?!?! Aside from being the center for our nation's executive, legistative, and judicial branches, there are also famous monuments every 20 feet (that's approximately 6.1 meters for our European friends). Pathetic. Thank God were done with these stupid things.
  7. That's me brother. I was living the good life in Thailand, but moved to DC two years ago. A little while back, I won an all-expense paid 6-month trip to Afghanistan. That's where I am writing this from. Unfortunately, I did not bring my Thai note collection with me. Overall, it is solid from 1948 to date (missing three notes that I can recall), but I need to do some work on the late 30s and early 40s issues. My wife tells me I have all the 2007 commemoratives waiting for me when I get back home. If I can find some extra time, I'll try to do a giveaway of some new Afghan notes. Dave
  8. Scottishmoney, You are spot on about the lower grades of older Cambodian notes...I have the same note as the one you just acquired, but not as good condition. I picked it up in Cambodia while I was, among other things, taking the photo in my avatar. Dave (not a Captain anymore...I just like coffee and alliteration)
  9. 1917 US $1. Looks a little better in person. What can I say? I suck at scanning these things in.
  10. Is it a local bank issue? There were no regular (federal, silver cert, etc) $1 1902 issues that I'm aware of. Dave
  11. On the "glove" side, you've got Sleeping Bear Dunes. On the peninsula side, you've got Pictured Rocks. I remember going to the dunes a few times when I was a kid visiting Grandma. Technically, you've got Isle Royale N.P. too...but that would be quite an adventure just to get there. Of course, if you did, you could visit Ryan Island (the largest island on the largest lake on the largest island on the largest freshwater lake in the world). Sorry for the non-coin post. Dave
  12. The Chief is certainly on my list of "must have" notes. I just have to wait until my wife blows a lot of money on something stupid. Then I'll have license to purchase. Unfortunately, she'll probably never spend enough to justify me buying the $5 educational note. Dave
  13. Thanks! I just got back from a week of camping up in Shenandoah, so I am only seeing the replies now. You guys rock. BTW, I'm a National Park nut, and would highly encourage all of you to get out and enjoy them...the greatest resources our nation has. Truly beautiful and inspiring. Dave
  14. I recently picked up one of the new Idaho quarters that had an interesting ripple effect on the reverse. The flat fields looked as if their were tiny waves or someone dropped a pebble in a still pond. I tried to get a picture, but it doesn't really look the same. In the pic, it almost looks like tiny cracks, but to the eye it looks as described above. Could anyone fill me in on what causes this? Thanks. Dave
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