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  1. Penny Black?? or coal money coin,darkened color code in coin,plastic money or coin by product of oil,both carbon,energy stored from the sun,just a comment.
  2. josie


    Maybe same value,I have 1999 and 2000, 5 Piso no 2006,2007,2008. Maybe its just in the Philippines in sari-sari store in some cabinet,there is a article that filipino like to hoard small denomination of coins,or 5 Piso coins the rare date are stock up somewhere. Nice post konero 2006-2008 5 piso ???
  3. Sprinkle medal. Seen the thread on bread and this thread very good thread. Just a comment a chosen leader give medals and also history of maundy they are the one who gives food, coins, medal to the poor or there people,they are the one who will feed the people a servant everyday,from the time of there appointment to those who wait in there coronation. Medal awarded to those who deserve it like victorian or a reward to those who deserve it,the measurement is getting high. Seen some about sprinkle topic on the web. Sprinkle. If the Leader is very wealthy He can bury His
  4. Nice thread. Now I know what is sprinkle medal,in the Philippines there is a tradition springkling coins after house blessing.
  5. I did searched it in the in the web. About the priest even the bishop but it turn up is not T.E. in initials during that time I could be wrong.
  6. The Japanese use the Manila mint to print money but latter on, its value decline, for thier are guirella notes circulating and used by the Filipino. http://philmoney.blogspot.com/search/label...se%20Occupation
  7. Just like a riddle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphinx#The_Riddle_of_the_Sphinx
  8. Nice write up,article. Browse in the net. Didnt seen any coins of ireland and scotland the celtic one. There currency then is livestock or cow,expensive,nice reference and timeline of purchasing power. Whoever finish the race up to the end good for them,even if the payment is life or blood they did finish,like a lamb.
  9. Just browse some in the web. there a lots of project US mada in WWII from oil pipeline to gasoline. There are some in China some Canada and the pipiline from USA to GB. from 4 inch to 6 inch. othere pipe burst due to pressure,maybe thats why its challenging and latter lead the advancement of pipeline and they did use a copper like arc welding or technoogy and other technology develope. Not seen any records how many tons of metal they used. Didnt know if the communication wire from france to USA was damage after dunkirk or france fell. Or the communication or telegra
  10. Just posting. http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-his...ny-History.html copper cable wire for communication or telegrph. http://atlantic-cable.com/Article/FrenchCableStation/ http://www.fundinguniverse.com/intranet/sp...er&search=1
  11. Just posting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_standard...nd_World_War_II
  12. Long history from debasement of gols,silver and coin. To mixture in silver to plug coin. To countermark,counterstamp,chopmark,holeydollar to dump coin. To national to international trade. It seems that dump coin is a coin that is lesser in value next to the coin dominating that area or next to whose authority in power,just a comment. Depending who is using the term in a colony. Just posting. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/trail/conques...oins_offa.shtml
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