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  1. Going to agree with Art and ccg. Looks like that penny spent many moons in a washing machine or something. But by no means am I an expert.
  2. Whoa. Way more info than I ever imagined. This will take some time to sort out, which is a good thing. Thanks.
  3. Anyone here collect the above mentioned coinage? Are there any books you'd recommend? Advice on where to start? Pretty much all their coinage is of interest to me. They all look great and I love their history (being Catholic and the grandson of a Deacon of 50 years). I've got a few coons here and there but nothing spectacular.
  4. Oh nice. I never thought about the credit union. I just have an account there because I got an awesome deal on a car loan. It's made 3 cents in interest since I got the loan. Lol. Thanks!
  5. What do you do with all your useless coins then? I have a good 10 boxes of cents I searched and have nothing to do with them. Coinstar? There's one at Meijer here and I do shop there a TON. I want to get into searching half dollar boxes. That's a lot of cash sitting around, not knowing what to do with them!
  6. I think I'm just going to buy this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Nikon-Silver-COOLPIX-L27-Digital-Camera-with-8GB-Memory-Card-and-Camera-Case-Kit-Value-Bundle/31033090 It's inexpensive and I'll just give it to Erica once I upgrade. Keep losing bids on eBay for nice, used DSLR cameras. Trying to get a "deal" on one, so this will hold me over until I get something better. The reviews on it aren't bad.
  7. Thanks to Verizon's crappy service, I lost a bid on an AMAZING collection. 1968-1974 full proof sets in a Capital holder (one holder for all of them). The Kennedy and Washington's were MONSTER toned. One Kennedy was neon blue. Sale price? $14.38 shipped, like double face value! I wanted to send in the monster toned coins for grades if they were problem free..... Edit: No idea why it is typing from right to left but....that's why the post looks odd. Working on buying a camera tomorrow. Just a $60 Nikon P&S. It's 16MP so it can't do that bad of a job.
  8. I think so. I do a general browse of the world coin section on eBay and there are tons of just general slabs. Mainly shipwreck coins but also a lot of moderns like the one above. Most of the coins like above were only a few dollars cheaper than a slabbed one. So I just skipped drinking 2 Monsters at work to make up for the difference! I'm rather upset I lost my Bolivia overdate coin. Don't think I ever took a picture for you guys of it. Erica took over MY room with wedding stuff and my coins just got tossed about. Probably fell down the duct work, I'll find it in 20 years!
  9. Taken and edited with my phone. Guess it beats a scanner.
  10. I know I have a box of them sitting around someplace. I'll see what I can dig up this week. Might have some, might not. Will also take a copy of your list to the local coin shop. Bet they have some in their bargain bin.
  11. Thank you for the replies. I've been able to find quite a few of the smaller coins in lower end UNC condition right at NGC book price. They seem fairly common on eBay so I'm not snagging those up quite yet. Prices seem stable from some researching I've done. The more I look at their coins, the more I like them. Peru and Bolivia just "speak" to me. Can't explain it, I just like them. Sort of how people like those big ugly Ike Dollars, yuck!
  12. Interesting why there is such a big difference. I hadn't noticed that. Weird, really weird.
  13. Thanks Art! KEH has a ton of cameras in my price range (I rechecked my finances, $150 is doable without question). I see a lot of D40-D50 cameras in that range with EX to EX+ condition. I'll have to keep my eye on them. I can't justify $300+ for a camera that will be used 90% of the time strictly for coins that I'm not selling. If I was a dealer, even small time, I'd do it.
  14. My dad's camera croaked and his current one is terrible with macro. Ericas camera doesn't focus after a puddle accident. Just looking for ideas. I'm open to buying a used one. Budget is about $100, less is obviously better. I know lenses are more important than the camera it seems like any more.
  15. I hereby NECRO my own thread. Long overdue. Purchased a Vatican Commemorative Pope coin, UNC in a NGC holder. Why? It was $7 delivered. I bought the plastic, I'll admit it. I also want at least one coin of each pope (being Catholic I guess). So why not? I've got about 30 bids on eBay right now. I expect to win 1-2 more. Some are longshots but who knows.......power outage for the other bidders?!?!?!?
  16. Just wondering. I've been flipping through my Krause guides and came across some late 19th, early 20th century silvers that I really, really like. How often are these faked? Price wise they are within my range to buy a couple of the larger Un Sols each month in AU/UNC condition, and multiple of the smaller ones in UNC condition. Even the key dates, for the most part, are fairly inexpensive when compared to US coins. Might just have found a new collection to start..........sweet! I don't see Peru talked about much.
  17. Lucky! Can't believe that not only were there that many high quality coins and they have lasted this long, but that someone actually placed them there and FORGOT (or was killed)! Simply amazing. I hope they keep a couple as keepsakes or college funds for children/grandchildren. Heck of a family story.
  18. Actually just got a lot of the Krause guides dirt cheap off eBay. Got lucky. Also found some of my old ones (thought I tossed them) in the attic yesterday. I'm such a horder....
  19. Those Civil War Tokens are all nuts! Got to love some unique, well designed, and colorful copper. I know I do.
  20. Sorry I've been sick, so my response is late. Picking what to collect is rather hard to do. If you like only one country of coin, go for it. But realize you'll eventually reach a point where all that is left are semi-key and key dates which can cost you multiple hundreds, if not in the thousands, for a coin you can barely read the date on. That's where I'm at with most of my US collection. I don't have the resources to pay $300 for a coin with a barely readable date/mint mark, so I've focused more on upgrading my "cheaper" coins and doing more world coin collecting. Currently I'm focusing on nothing in particular. Basically if I like the coin, I'm buying it. Forget the value. Forget the rarity. Forget the country. I won't overpay (unless it's an amazing example or somewhat rare) though. Get on eBay once and just browse the world coin forum. You'll be amazed at some of the designs out there that are CHEAP. I'm talking mint state examples for $1-$5 for nearly the entire type of that coin. Some even have the "key" dates for under $100. To sum it up: Collect what you like and your pocket book can afford. Edit: I know my local coin shop probably frowned on it (not sure why they would since I was making room for stock.....) but I was that guy sitting at the 50% off world coin bin for hours at a time digging from one side to the other. I might buy $5 worth that day, or walk away with a sack full for $50. I'd say over half my collection is bought like that. Yeah, I don't feel like I "fit in" with a lot of collectors because I don't own $10k worth of coins (or a single worth $10k), but it makes ME happy to find a cool coin or pay far less for something (hey, they marked it $1!).
  21. I haven't gone through the coins to look for key dates or anything but you do have a nice little collection. Are you going to retire on it? Nope. Is it worth something? Sure, I do see some silver in there at least. One place to start is: https://www.ngccoin.com/poplookup/world-coin-price-guide.aspx All you need to do is enter the Country, Region (normally going to be All), and Denomination (Florin, Centavo, etc). That's what you need minimum to get an idea of what you have. Enter the date for a quicker search. That'll at least get you on your way. For the most part I'd be looking at the VF prices, as you have few coins that would go any higher grade than that. The 1940 and 1943 Australia Florins are worth at minimum $7.34 (melt value), but I bet you could get $10-$13 each. They are pretty nice condition. Each is 0.33oz of 92.5% silver. It is time consuming, but you'll learn a little bit at the same time.
  22. Anyone know of an app that has most world coin prices on it? I just want a ballpark figure, doesn't have to be accurate. Or even something that lists key dates. I have a guide like this from NGC for US coins, just wondering if there's a dark side app too (or something for mainly Germany, Switzerland, East Africa). I don't have a problem paying $5 for a $4 coin, but I do have an issue paying say $20 for a $5 coin. Catch my drift?
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