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  1. Got a 1946-D US 5c at LAX today. It is in roughly XF shape. That is about as exciting as it has gotten lately. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000 feet
  2. Tag, I am in the process of moving to the Aachen/Maastricht area (just left Germany for a month back to the states) but will be back in Germany for good soon. Maybe we can trade coins sometimes! You will love this forum, many smart people! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Hermano bebe, que la vida es breve
  3. never used their auction, but I have bought from their Dallas location and had no bad issues with them. They have worked with me on various buying and selling deals and it has been a good experiance. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Not all pilots are alcoholics, we don't go to meetings
  4. Tag, Love Germany, and I am moving back to the Aachen area in a few months. Enjoy the forum! There are many smart people, and that is a big help with collecting questions I have. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Veni, Vidi, Bibi
  5. I just like to disperse the roll of Ikes around the country each month. I don't search them. I did used to search half rolls as a kid though, tons of fun I agree I do better with coinstar machines these days Boomer sooner, yeah, I got my masters at oU. It basically sucks as a college, but thanks Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Texas-It's bigger than France
  6. I received a 1993 $1 star note in change, from an Arby's in Albuquerque It is in "crinkled but crispy" shape. Good stuff. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Jesus Saves, Moses Invests
  7. I received two 2000-D JFK Halves at a casino in Albuquerque last week! Some are out there Welcome likes_ikes. I like them also. I get a roll a month and spend them around Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Shawarmas for all my friends
  8. Well spent the last two weeks in Albuquerque and received several more 2006 D cents and then even more in Amarillo as I was driving east today. The 06Ds are everywhere in the Southwest/central US Got a 1993 $1 star note for good measure too! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Help me, Help you
  9. I received more 2006 D U.S. cents in change in Houston this morning, and back in OKC just 30 minutes ago-they are everywhere Still hoping for the new nickle. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, All redhead chicks are nuts
  10. THe numbers (unlike the words) are read left to right, though they are most likely on the Muslim calendar and do not match our julian~esq dates. Do you have a specific example? or pic? Ciao and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Shawarmas for all my friends
  11. After posting in the latest circ thread I decided to start a new spin off topic (and I am sitting, bored, in a train station LOL) Have you found your first 2006 coin in circulation? If so what is it? I received several 2006 D U.S. 1 cent pieces in change at the airport in OKC, a few days ago. Ciao and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I do this to annoy you
  12. Received my first (several) 2006 US coin, a 1 cent piece !!!! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Texas Longhorns 2005 Football and Baseball National Champs
  13. I sold most of mine so I am happy, several rolls of silver ealges later life is good Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Uncle Sam's AWAX, The best shine for your jet
  14. Each one is a seperate type. Dansco is just lazy HA. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined
  15. http://www.usmint.gov/pressroom/index.cfm?...n=photo#50state It is the top first image. The 2006 state quarters are listed as well, note another buffalo, from North Dakota. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, America had 8 Presidents before G. Washington
  16. Still waiting for an answer on the 50cent bill 28... Actually if you only use the value of gold and turn that value into the "inflation" indicator, gold has deflated from the horrid Carter price of $2000 an ounce- IN today's dollars of course. Gold is only money if I or anyone else is willing to accept if for payment of a service. I do like my gold "bling" but I wouldn't trade it for anything at the moment, so it is decoration, not currency. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Like Freedome Thank a Veteran, Like Reading Thank a Teacher
  17. I don't have a heating bill, besides, natural gas is a commodity, just like gold or orange juice. Besides, I make more money in my gas stocks then I would pay in heating costs anyway-but that is my planning. To each their own LOL Stagnation or deflation can be even bigger problems. I've dealt with bad deflation in Belize and Venezuela (pre Chavez) and those can also be problems. Inflation under 3.5% is not a problem, and current inflation trends are due to fuel costs, not money supply as suggested above, and it is still not inflationary enough to cause a change in the money supply. As for the stamp examples noted above- Sending a letter from Miami, to Seattle for 39c is a bargain to begin with. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000 feet
  18. Well from 5 cents 150 years ago, to 39 cents next January, I would not call that "double digit" yearly inflation (especially based on the CPI), but that again that is my old physics math coming back again... It should cost a dollar to mail a letter in America anyway, that way 28plain doesn't need to use coins. I kid, I kid as Triumph would say Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I was told there would be no math
  19. We have done it for years. We make license plates for other countries, coins, stamps, guns, bombs, planes, even food for countries like North Korea. The constitution doesn't say anything about alot of stuff, but we still do it per US Code. It is great reading. Try it sometime. Besides we make money giving the coins to other countries for circulation, not to mention the stabilisation of the American dollar. I will admit the nasty colour they turn when actually in use is a bit "unsanitary" looking. Maybe you shouldn't travel, it is a big scary world out there and the black helicopters might get you... I kid, I kid... So kid, I still ask, where is that huge inflation you keep talking about, and how about the 50 cent bill-should we do it, it seems like you should love it. And it would be cheaper for strippers to stick in G-strings, and not as nasty as those Canadian loonies you have to throw at them. Or do we need to just have the entire USA run off "Dollar stores" or las tiendas con toda a un dollar LOL Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Seven Continents Down, None to Go
  20. Which hasn't happened in over 20 years, wierd huh.. We should do like the old Bahamas 50cent note and print some of those bad johnnies for the US public. Ecuador will use up the current 2000 glut by 2010. period dot. In fact they have requested another 200,000,000 (this doesn't count any US Transit and postal usage). We had to deal with Colombian counterfeits as well as the drug runners while working there. Sieniorage, is a great thing. And like I noted earlier the dollars are taking off in Panama and El Salvador as well. The notes are not holding up. Rumour has it that Liberia might order some as well, but that is still a rumour. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Forum Alpha Breeder Male
  21. The Dollar coin saves tax dollars, but the gov't is too scared to make the switch, kind of like the metric system, but it saves money—seigniorage is a great thing- but we have had this discussion many times.... anyway I digress. Ecuador uses the dollar coin as its main single unit currency (and they are getting nasty, I have some from my last trip there), and they will need at least another 200,000,000 over the next few years, to replace, and supplement the half billion sent in 2000. Panama and El Salvador are switching to the dollar coins from US paper as well. A use for the sacs will be found in US transit/postal machines and through foreign governments until at least 2010 so the sacs should be fine even with the Prez mintages for collectors. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I'm from Texas, What country are you from?
  22. I carry at least one Ike, sometimes more, a Belize dollar, and of course no self respecting aviator would be without his Air Force Sqd coin (a challenge coin)-every squadron has one. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, All red-heads are nuts
  23. Howdy, I just spent some time in Maastricht while working with NATO and should be back permanently late next year. I loved it! Enjoy it here. Maastricht is a great college town and look forward to living there a few years :-) Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Gear Up, Flaps Up, Low Drag
  24. Howdy, Hola, and Salaam, My grandfather was from Italy so ciao! I've always loved my visits there. Welcome! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Veni, Vidi, Bibi
  25. http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/13237820.htm I guess I started this in the worng forum first, "my bad" as they say. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000 feet
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