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  1. Some yes. I got a nice Old Spanish Trail commem which I always wanted for the longhorn design. Ciao, AWACS
  2. works for me! Though I could go an hour or two either way if folks need it. Thanks for organising it Mark. Ciao, AWACS
  3. It was added later. That is not a Fed printed item on that new design $20. The bill is only worth $20. Ciao, AWACS
  4. Well I'll answer first, not that it is about team Capt AWACS but earlier would be better for me. I have reserve work to do that day and will be in uniform and have to leave and drive north no later than ~2ish Ciao, Tony aka Capt AWACS
  5. They have tried to pass that bill for several years and it dies a slow death. Most likely will this congress also. Ciao, AWACS
  6. I like the Sac reverse very much and think the statue of liberty is a great idea though it looks "cheap" on the Prez, still a nice enough design. I still use them more in Ecuador than anywhere else since they are legal tender and shipped there but in the States I use them from time to time. Ciao, AWACS
  7. I am looking at one right now. I see the move, for Cyprus. I see the what you mean related to the Canaries. The Turkey thing is a different issue of course. KurtS the Kurd issue will never go away. Ciao, AWACS
  8. Part of Turkey is here in Europe and should be included. "Moving" Cyprus is something I would have to see to make a judgment call on. Ciao, AWACS
  9. I sat next to Ron Paul in first class on Continental from Houston to DCA last August. We talked for about two hours and this was one item that came up. I can say he honestly believes all that he says, and this is one of his bigger "libertarian" ideas he likes to push (IIRC he said the same when he ran for US President in 1988) Ciao, AWACS
  10. I'll guess 1b 2b and 3b are the fakes. But I have no idea and I am not good at these even when I worked in a coin store. Though 1a looks horrid, I'd rather have 1b even it were fake... Ciao, AWACS
  11. Actually that is good to know! I should be flying home around 30 Nov, 1 Dec for a day or two. I will have to come by. keep us in the loop! Ciao, AWACS
  12. Capt-AWACS


    nice stuff. I like Ikes I just spent two today. I like to spend them around the US. They are good for tips and conversation, kind of like Two dollar bills. I actually had an extra search at airport security because of the rolls in my carryon once. Funny looks indeed. Ciao, AWACS
  13. Well other than myself I've heard Tony Blair was a collector Ciao, AWACS
  14. I ensure my banknotes through a high value policy with USAA. Just like my wife's wedding ring and some other high value items only covered to small amounts under my regular insurance. For $10,000~ish of coverage I pay a little over $100 a year. The cataloging process was not too difficult,though a bit time consuming up front. Not sure about the ANA stuff but the experts here wouldn't lead you astray! Ciao, AWACS
  15. Greetings, Hadn't noticed before but I did now! The US mint is selling uncirc eagles online. When did this start? Just curious. If there is a thread already please just link me there. I searched and found nothing. Thanks. Ciao, AWACS
  16. Hi folks, haven't been active much lately, due to flying, travel, etc But wanted to stop in, say hi, and ask for some advice, because all my coin literature is back at home while I am out and about. Wierd ATM find= A couple of days ago I took 100$US out of a BankofAmerica ATM in Vero Beach and two of the notes were 2004 (not-A) Star notes. Not unc, but in decent shape none-the-less. Both were made in DC one is District A EA run. I looked it up and saw just over 3 million were printed. For the other note I couldn't find the EL series from L12 district on the mint figures page.
  17. The US dollar will continue to sink (sadly for me getting paid in Dollars living in europe) so Gold will climb a bit longer. If, though i doubt they will, the Fed lowers USA rates another quarter to half point then gold will soar. After new years it will probably float through the US primaries and then wait on the Election to move again (big moves that is) Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Io sono il capo di tutti capi
  18. As a currency guy I was waiting for this and here goes: http://www.moneyfactory.gov/newmoney/flash...unveil5new.html There are bigger PDFs to view at moneyfactory.gov I like the stars around Lincoln's potrait. The purple 5 is different. I have to see that in person first to make a decision if I find it aesthetically pleasing or not. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Il Capo di tutti capi
  19. I have a few ancients from 100 BC and I only wish I could go back that far through every year! For more modern issues I can go back about 50s. Boring I know but I do more type collecting so I don't have many succesive year series. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Actions speak louder than bumperstickers
  20. Well the store I worked at years ago (as a kid) would use split grades on these. Obv G/damaged, Rev F-12 etc. I have seen some slabs with split grades also, though it is rare. I am interested in the responses from the real "experts" here-good question and scan. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Veni, Vidi, Bibi
  21. Gutentag, I live near Aachen on the Dutch border by Geilenkirchen (though I am moving to Texas soon). There are some very knowledgeablefolks on here when dealing with German coins. I got into them after moving here. YOu will enjoy it!!!! Ciao, Capt-AWACS
  22. MY first Nederland -Received two of the DUTCH 2 Euro 2007 Europa 50 *specials* in change last night in Maastricht (or very early this morning depending on your point of view). These were my second special 07s after the German one I reported a few weeks ago. Ciao and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Flying is easy-pull stick back trees get smaller, push stick forward trees get bigger
  23. Received two of the DUTCH 2 Euro 2007 Europa 50 *specials* in change last night in Maastricht (or very early this morning depending on your point of view). These were my second special 07s after the German one a few weeks ago. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Who needs a hug kids
  24. Welkom, Where are you in the Netherlands? I live right on the German Dutch border near Sittard/Tuddern next to Limburg (Maastricht) and Aachen Deutschland. Sadly I haven't found any good old Dutch coins yet but I'm trying. You will enjoy it here! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Yankee Air Pirate
  25. No 1977. Germany used them until the EUro came along. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Who needs a hug
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