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  1. How can one get tired of flying? I don't comprehend such Between work, airline, military reserves, and private flying I'm airborne well over 500 hours a year. Granted the constant back and forth over the Atlantic gets old sometimes but you should enjoy, or drink :-) that helps one to enjoy it also. I don't drink when I'm up front though Seriously though, I might have to make that LA trip myself if I'm stateside. Sounds fun and as henare mentioned when you have a place to stay that helps. Ciao, AWACS
  2. darn... I will be in Baltimore the night of the 29th and I leave via train a few mintutes before 10am Wednesday just my luck... Post some good stories! Ciao, AWACS
  3. I enjoy most of the territory designs. The DC ones are weak, though as a former surveyor I enjoy the bannaker one. Ciao, AWACS
  4. My American company has vending machines in buildings all over the United States (more than ten in each building) making the machines easier to spend money in, does not brake the bank. One who claims to know the business should know that... spare me the standard whinny "sba" website nonsense. Ciao, AWACS
  5. I don't doubt it Scotch, The vending machines in my US office are posted as taking 1, 2 and 5$. I tried a two once and it worked so all hope is not lost. Ciao, AWACS
  6. I agree on the vending machine argument Delta. Plenty of vending machines in Europe can accept 5 cent coins to 20 Euro bills. And these are everywhere. Some can even give paper money bill change. It is not a difficult concept. And the cash register argument is even more fecklessly inane IMO. And replacment registers are not needed. In the States a good company will come along and sell inserts for the registers and make money..yay capitalism. Ciao, AWACS
  7. good question it is dark in colour but in ~XF condition. Nice coin overall. Ciao, AWACS
  8. Note overly exciting but I received a 1929 (P) US 1 cent in change today. Of course the P mint was 185,000,000 mintage so it is not worth much but a keeper for me nonetheless. Ciao, AWACS
  9. For those that don't know-THe pogs are given used at deployed locations to save weight (though also can be used at any AAFES store, and some Dollar denom NATO NATEX-Canex stores). I meant at normal BXs and other vendor locations. Pogs are more useful now that they are able to be used anywhere. The only place you will see US cents is at the post offices (APOs) where they have to sell things with cents. Everywhere else it is rounded up/down and works great. Of course there is no tax at most base and AAFES and NATEX stores. Ciao, AWACS
  10. Hmm, I'm an alpha breeder male, with 32 years, sort of married, soon to be completly married. Mods should sticky the poll so the new folks can fill it out also! Ciao, AWACS
  11. yes tabbs that would be nice. US Companies could do it if they wanted to. Most movie theatres do it and many sporting venues but other than those not so much. In the States it wouldn't allow companies to advertise "lower" prices. One thing I have noticed here in Europe that is like the States in that regard is how plane tickets are priced without taxes first. The US military and NATO did away with single denom "cent" coins a longtime ago, on overseas bases for example, and it works just fine. I support getting rid of it in the States, while keeping the US cent legal tender. Cia
  12. Good for you Art. I didn't see the ref'd thread but I was personally attacked by a yahoo on here some time ago, and aside from the humour of it (to me at least) it can cause others to spiral into personal attacks. Debate is great (IMO) but the *real* personal stuff is poor 8th grade L-D debate nonsense. Keep up the good mod-ing. Ciao, Capt-AWACS
  13. Well I finally received a new US$5 as change at a grocery store in Vero Beach, FL this morning. The cashier had an entire stack of new bills in SN order. Been back in the States for two days and got one fast, not bad. The note is "ok" IMO. I actually like it for the most part except for the annoying little yellow '05's on both sides. Ciao, AWACS
  14. I bought in Euros a couple a months ago and sold in Dollars earlier this week and made more on the exchange rate than silver's run up (the sinking dollar was pushing it up to high IMO), but I see the market starting to level out around 15-17$USD an ounce over the next couple of months as the dollar rises a bit, I am guessing around the EURO 1.51-3 mark. I thought Silver would bump near 25$US before sinking but the US economy didn't show itself to tank as bad as initially though (unemployment stayed lower than predicted). As the dollar gets strong silver will stabilise IMO and the US economy
  15. Now let us see who can be the first CP to get one. Ciao, AWACS
  16. Hmmm, it is not the Jim Jones kind of Kool-aid is it?... I keed I keed. Welcome. I am sure you will fit in well. Ciao, AWACS
  17. Saw US $1 silver eagles selling for 23$US today, something I wouldn't have thought a few years ago. It will probably hit 25$US to peak as the dollar falls a bit lower. Ciao, AWACS
  18. I finally received a 2008 US$0.01 in circulation at G.H Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, last Friday, and then same day recevied one at West Palm Beach int'l airport as well! Still no 08 Euros in Italy or Germany. and kudos to QXseries for beating me to starting this thread back on Jan 1st. I had started them the last couple of years Ciao, AWACS
  19. How did I not know about this when I lived in Maastricht????? Damn Ciao, AWACS
  20. If I am still here in Vero Beach I plan on coming up for it, my first time at F.U.N. I should fly back to Florida on the 7th and *should* be around for FUN that coming weekend. Looking forward to it. Ciao, AWACS
  21. IT was great meeting ElleKitty and Mark! Again sorry I was late. I blame IH-10 Thanks Mark, though I don't feel dashing, to much German beer has made me fat!!! Thankfully flight suits have velcro I hope to catch you guys again for more time to chat. I could really learn stuff from you guys. Glad you left with a little cash! I got some biz cards from some currency dealers, but thankfully none took credit cards that day and saved me from bankruptcy... See guys next time, and thanks for organising Mark. Ciao, AWACS, aka Tony
  22. Look at some of the ink and borders and corners. The upper right for example. The "original" used for the copy was missing a corner, so the paper is square but the corner is missing ink in a torn pattern. Ciao, AWACS
  23. yeah it is a replica. If it were real I would offer to buy it right now Ciao, AWACS
  24. Okay 11am food court. I am guessing I will be the only one in Air Force dress blues, as I have reserve duty as soon as I leave. I might wear my leather jacket over but I will be hard to miss I think. Looking forward to it. Ciao, AWACS aka Tony
  25. The 12 obverse and reverse CCAC pre-picks for the $1 Lincoln commem are in the newest Coin World (new smaller size mag) Ciao, AWACS
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