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  1. With replies like that I'd agree, back to the top! Do you have a view on the current aspect of US coin design and whether Senators or even dead Presidents deserve to featured? Please help us take the thread somewhere... Ciao, AWACS
  2. I could agree with getting rid of most politicians on coins. We made a coin with John Tyler on it this year. He is the only president to be officially labled a traitor by many historians since he went into the CSA congress and fought against the union. (Now I am not actually debating the civil war or whether he is a traitor but pointing this out just like I am not getting political with Teddy just pointing out we are starting to get absurd with the Politician worship) Thanks for the vomiticon! I've seen on other sites but not here! Ciao, AWACS
  3. is there a vomit emoticon? Give him a commem if you must. End it at that... Ciao, AWACS
  4. I forgot to add it was a P mint Dime which is less common in Texas as most coins seem to come from Denver. Ciao, AWACS
  5. I love it. Where/how did you get it? Ciao, AWACS
  6. I received my first US 2009 Dime (10c) in change today at IAH today flying back to Houston. Nicely struck piece. Ciao, AWACS
  7. I stopped by the BEP store in DC yesterday and bought some more 4 piece uncut sheets 1, 2, 5 old 2006 and new 2006 (Colour) and 10$ (colour) Not super exciting but I have special frames for them and enjoy them as art work also. Ciao, AWACS
  8. I stopped by the US Mint booth at D.C Union Station today and bought a 2009 Silver Proof and regular proof set. So at least I finally have samples of everything. I could not find any DC quarters in DC I like instant gratification so I bought in person instead of via the web, and I get to inspect before purchase! Interestingly the had face value rolls of new 1 cent pieces. Not mint wrapped but plastic wrapped. Ciao, AWACS
  9. You are correct. The 25c was a typo, my bad. I know they are 50cent'ers. Luckily I am building a case and cut holes for 50 cent pieces! It looked to me like the Oregon Trail half has cattle pulling the wagon and not horses. Am I looking at them wrong? (I am just looking at images via google) Thanks. Ciao, FH
  10. Greetings Coin"peeps", I am in charge of putting together a list of coins for a type-like set of US government issued coins with buffalo, and another with horses. (It's a company gift thing...) Can you help qc my lists? US coins with horses on them- 1999 25c rev Deleware quarter 2001 25c rev Kentucky quarter 2006 25c rev Nevada quarter 2007 25c rev Wyoming quarter 1900 1$ rev Lafayette Dollar commem 1925 25c obv Stone Mountain Memorial commem 1982 25c obv Washington 250th anny commem 1995 5$ obv Civil War Battlefiled commem 2008 10$ rev Andrew Jackson liberty first spou
  11. Good stories! My sentimental "coins" tend to be my various military "challenge" coins I got flying over the years in various squadrons, countries, wars, etc. The only real coin that still has a story for me is a 75 proof set my grandmother got me, which really got me into coin collecting to begin with. Ciao, AWACS
  12. I'm in town near West U. I'll try and come by! I remember meeting you at GRB. I won't be on reserve duty and in uniform this time! Ciao, AWACS
  13. Finally received a log cabin cent today...still no quarters, and I've travelled all over the US EDIT- I forgot to add, I also received two 2009 William H. Harrison Prez $1s in change today also. Ciao, AWACS
  14. Lincoln Logs are everywhere in the Houston area. I have now received at least 30 in change over the last two weeks. I received a couple log cabins in Vero Beach, and Palm Beach Florida last Friday and Saturday. That is it for me still no quarters, though I have been out of the States much of the year. Ciao, AWACS
  15. I do it for the chicks...Oh wait that was flying It relaxes me and allows me to zone out for a short time. I also enjoy the historical aspect of many of the coins. I did a minor in history for my first degree and even wrote some numismatic history in to one "mini" thesis. It makes it an overall fun hobby, and when people ask me if I collect anything I can honestly say "money". Ciao, AWACS
  16. Do they not have the "regular" Sac and just the newer Native American reverse Sac in these sets? As I understood it the mint had to produce 20% of the dollars as Sacs (vs Prez0. Are they only doing the new reverse Sacs and no longer the original flying eagle with no edge lettering? Ciao, AWACS
  17. I'd hope the mint could keep up ;-) But with the Presidents, the Native American dollar, cents, and extra quarter I'll cut them a break... They still haven't come out with the proof eagles either. It will be interesting to see if those come out in low numbers which push up the after market. Ciao, AWACS
  18. Any news or updates on the National park quarters program? Good sites? The following site: http://www.parkquarters.com/park-quarter-news/ hasn't had a new post in a while the US mint PR is old. nationalparkquarters.com hasn't said much new either. I'd read the blurb about putting T.R. on the coins instead of G.W. but I'd guess that would be doubtful. Just looking for any news on the quarters or the 5 oz silvers that are to come with it. Thanks. Ciao, AWACS
  19. Maybe. I could be wrong. But, I think they just added the possibilities for the Native American Dollar Coins to this list by accident. Ergo the NA instead of LP in front of the design and the Indian theme of the two dollar denom coins. http://www.usmint.gov/mint_programs/nativeamerican/ Ciao, Capt AWACS
  20. NA-5 and NA-3 are for dollars not cents. I like 17 and 16. Ciao, Capt AWACS
  21. I received my first new Lincoln cent today, finally! It was Lincoln on the log :-) Ciao, Capt AWACS
  22. Capt-AWACS


    I don't mean this as an "Attack" on you just carl, but I hear this "argument" often and I don't "get it". With the SBA, yes, i understand it, but with the SACs I don't. Countries all over the world do it and people have no problem. Cents and Dimes are similar in size but people in the USA don't often confuse them do they? what about Cents and Nicks? When I spent a couple months in Equador (where they use US currency and the dollar coin is the main form for singles) it was not a problem using the $1 nor confusing it with anything else. I don't really think we need the stop the $1 bill
  23. I lived in both Aachen and Maastricht, and in an area near by and never about the show until after the fact. I'm still bitter but I might be in the area for a few days in April so keep us posted I'd love to make it. Ciao, AWACS
  24. January and I am having a problem as well... Ciao, AWACS
  25. nothing exciting lately. I did have a few free hours after a meeting in DC last week and I bought a uncut sheet of 4 new US (coloured) design $10s I picked up some nice Croatian (Hrvatska) notes in change in Pula and Dubrovnik that I have saved and cataloged this month. Thats about it. Boring few months for me. Ciao, AWACS
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