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  1. I will own this! I appreciate and collect all the military themed coins. Thanks for posting. Ciao, AWACS
  2. I enjoy this topic.When I am at my home in the states my friends always refer to me as "Mister Wierd Money". In Houston I have two different bank branches that always have two dollar bills, and I normally get about 50$ a week to spread around in commerce. In fact the check-out-and-pay-yourself machines at the local Supermarket chain Randall's accept two dollar bills (there is no sign stating what it accepts) but it does not accept halves (yes to newdollar coins). The auto parking attendant machine at a clinic nearby also does. There is a local scrap company that is famous in its commercials
  3. A first in change for me-I received a nicely struck 2009 D US Dollar with the Native American theme out of a parking payment machine at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Ciao, AWACS
  4. Received 3 very nicely struck 2010-D US Dimes in change today near the Galleria in Houston. and the 2010 D cents are just everywhere now. Ciao, AWACS
  5. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/bizarre/7095561.html HARARE, Zimbabwe — The washing machine cycle takes about 45 minutes — and George Washington comes out much cleaner in the Zimbabwe-style laundering of dirty money. Low-denomination U.S bank notes change hands until they fall apart here in Africa, and the bills are routinely carried in underwear and shoes through crime-ridden slums. Some have become almost too smelly to handle, so Zimbabweans have taken to putting their $1 bills through the spin cycle and hanging them up to dry with clothes pins alongside their sheets an
  6. This never happens in my part of Italy :-( Ciao, AWACS
  7. As I posted before I have seen boucoup US 2010 cents the last few months. I finally received a new 2010 natty parks quarter last weekend! No new Euros or other US coins yet :-( Ciao, AWACS
  8. They seem to be everywhere in Houston, the new cents that is. I got back to town a couple weeks ago and have received the shields at over a dozen establishments. As for the 2010 park quarters- nada. Ciao, AWACS
  9. Would like to have seen them offset the ribbon of power to the far left side (or right depending on water mark). It is ok except, again, for the strip placemnt IMO. Ciao, AWACS
  10. I wish they had used the old Scout logo, the one on the reverse is the brand new 100th anny logo. I prefer the historical one. Several organisations are redesigning logos to look more "modern" and I am not a big fan (like sports teams, government crests, roundels, or even the Air Force's new logo). I'll wait to see the finished coin before passing judgment, but I don't like the reverse new logo. Ciao, AWACS
  11. I bought a 2010 Canadian Maple Leaf back in early December does that count :-D I was lucky for many 2009 coins in circ so I hope 2010 will be just as good. I travel so much I think that helps with the finds. Ciao, AWACS
  12. I will still try and come by, but the snow could change my trip today into a tomorrow trip. If I make it will be around 1:45pm Tony
  13. I should make it. My two month old daughter could be the only hold back for me. Hope to see you there. Ciao, AWACS
  14. Capt-AWACS


    hmmm, what year saw the most varied designs of US mint made coinage for US circulation (i.e. not counting non circulating commems or bullion)? Ciao, AWACS
  15. Capt-AWACS


    Actually I believe it was the 100$ platinum eagle coins which began their mint run in 1997. At least that was my answer when I posed the question. As for circulating, I think it is the remodeled Sac dollars as noted above. Ciao, AWACS.
  16. Capt-AWACS


    true, a bit of a trick question. Nearly all of them have Latin in the form of "E Plurbus Unum" As for other languages, several territorial quarters have native languages like Spanish on the Puerto Rico quarter. What prompted me was while waiting to be a new unc set at the US Mint shop at Washington Union Station a woman came up asking for the "US coin in Spanish". The guy had no idea and with my help they figured out it was the Puerto Rico quarter and they bought a few proof sets. Next question, which US coins have the dollar sign "$" on them? Ciao, AWACS
  17. Capt-AWACS


    Hmm, I'm not good at such things (better at answering than asking) but I'll try How many bilingual coins has the US mint produced for the US marketplace?
  18. Capt-AWACS


    1965 dated 1964? Ciao, AWACS
  19. I thought it was the Slapaho tribe. After some meetings in DC today I went by the Library of COngress and Teddy books were on display in the gift shop...that is about as far as it should go right now IMO. Ciao, FH
  20. I bought a set today at the US Mint sales store at Washington Union Station (my favourite!). I was surprised to see they had the 2008 eight "dollar" set with the silver eagle and "golden" dollars for sale. They did not have those out the last few months. Ciao, AWACS
  21. well my question about Proof silver eagles has been answered/ Mint press release today: October 6, 2009 Agency also announces products not offered in 2009 WASHINGTON - The United States Mint announced today that it will offer for sale 2009 one-ounce American Buffalo Proof Gold Coins and one-ounce American Eagle Platinum Proof Coins. The release dates for these products are tentatively October 29 and December 3, 2009, respectively. In addition, the agency will release the one-ounce 2009 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin on October 15 and the fractional 2009 American Eagle Gold Bu
  22. 1974 Aluminum US 1 cent; 1964 Silver Peace US 1 Dollar I kid, I kid... Ciao, AWACS
  23. I received a D mint Prof-life 1c and a Guam quarter, my first quarter of the 09 year, at the Texas Medical Center last Friday. Ciao, AWACS
  24. Yes, I know what the mint website says. I am curious as to when or if they will attempt to mint the proofs. I've heard nothing from any media or mint sources on the issue. A couple of weeks ago I asked at the mint kiosk at DC Union Station and the mint employee told me she gets asked that at least once a day, but has heard nothing. Ciao, AWACS
  25. Cool. Now when will the silver proof eagles and gold proofs go on sale??????? Ciao, AWACS
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