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  1. Sold! Thanks! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Veni, Vidi, Bibi
  2. I have a USmint wrapped roll (25 coins) of 2000 Philadelphia sacs. The obverse shows on one end, and reverse shows on the other. Both ends display moderate contact (fingerprints, toning). I'll sell for $27 plus shipping (any way you want it so-to-speak). If anyone is interested let me know. I can't get a photo now as my cam is not hooked into my new laptop (I'm working on it). I've sold and traded on this site before so please email me or PM any questions-I have a paypal acct or can take a check. Thanks for looking. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns Capt-AWACS, Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli
  3. a roll of 1980 unc PDS SBAs. Not to exciting, but profitable none-the-less. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, At any given hour in Clark County, NV, 30% of the drivers are intoxicated, the national average is 8%
  4. I have an 1899 Morgan I would be willing to sell. Actually I had 10 and sold 9, but I am not really a "Morgan kind of guy" so I'll sell the last one too, just let me know. I will scan it if you are interested. It has some toning on the obverse bottom/reverse top and I would guess the grade is is ~AU-55/58? I am certainly not a pro grader. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000 feet
  5. What I didn't get: Dear Mint Customer: This letter is being sent regarding your recent purchase of the United States Mint Westward Journey Nickel Series™ Coin and Medal Set. We regret the delays you have experienced with receiving your order. The Westward Journey Nickel Series Coin and Medal Set is currently on backorder due to a delay in packaging. The expected ship date for the set is September 1-15, 2005. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in the future. Customer Care Center Bummer... Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000feet (for the government)
  6. Yeah I just spent two weeks in Alerta and got a 2004 and 05 Unc sets and both have the halfs. Nice pics BTW. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000 feet
  7. http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=889456 I'd like to find some more info on this piece. DOes anyone have more info or know of some links/books on it. Is it a copy (looks like 2002?) of a pattern or something? Thanks in advance for any words. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Remember the Alamo
  8. GOt mine yesterday, I like the new layout! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Remember the Alamo
  9. I found that the book store "Books-a-million" in the Southern and Western US, has plenty of supplies and ata good price. if you have a savings card you get 10% off. Sometimes Barnes and Noble has them as well. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Oklahoma, a Native word for trailer park
  10. Just go back and read the forum from page 3 on, there are plenty of reasons listed, did you not see them? As an aside I am still waiting for any purported link in all of these gov't conspiracies you speak of in relation to dollar coins and the new world currency order, and how the coin takes my rights away. If you can't find any again, I will humbly spell it out again. Though saving 20-30 Million minimum a year in taxes a great reason in and of itself. This might not sound like much but it is huge, and this is coming from someone like myself who has broken more in "tax payer" funded items than most of us pay in a year combined. Is it a cure all, no but it is coming. And the design issues you note, like the Presdetial dollar are more numismatic goals IMO than cirucalting ones, and I am sure the final version of the bill will reflect that, but one never knows with line item tag ons. Sisu, good post BTW. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I've been called worse
  11. metalman you just proved one of my points (re-US attitudes-thanks), and trust me, I've talked to more Americans, and travelled to more of America, than you could ever hope to (and I could prove it but I digress again). I say that not, again, to be a dick, but to just state a fact as you seem to show yourself as some crusader against the false "new world order". YOu are not the only one to "talk" to American's, see America, and be their spokesman... And it is not just GAO surveys, but in various media outlets. The SAC is not a failure in that is filling its niche. If the pure goal was to "replace" the dollar then yes it failed, but that was never the full goal and congress knew it. Some wanted it to be, but congress never went through with dollar bill withdrawl. I never said the tax savings would be given back to you, per se, but if they are spent on something else, than that is good as my taxes are not raised. I am glad you finally understand where the savings come from at least, that is progress. But here you go with this EU nonsense, they are two seperate issues. Having a dollar coin in no way ties our money more or less to any int'l market, in fact the Dollar coin takes our money out of some int'l circulation. Several countries use our currency as legal tender, (Panama, Equador, Liberia etc). You are again tying two things together with no proof, facts, and just weak conjecture. The failure of the SBA has nothing to do with the discussion at hand, other than in design and marketing lessons learned. The FACTS I stated above still stand. You might continue to ignore them, but that just shows a weakness in your already tangential arguement. aethling, do not get me started on the weights and measure issue ;-) Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
  12. -“well gee AWACS I had no Idea I was so screwed up,, What was I thinking?”- I didn’t know what you were thinking, and I’ve tried to give you a chance to articulate it. You did not address much of my posts above, and this is a bit tangential. But forums are all about ideas I guess. -“I should have realised that freedom is in no way tied into the monitary system .”- You are trying to tie in two different issues again, this is my biggest problem with your posts (and I would love to see some link in the two, honestly). A switch to a dollar coin, in no way effects, nor affects your freedom. I am still waiting for any link, or basic premise stating otherwise—other than vagaries and hyperbole. I don’t say that to be a “dick” I am serious, if you would rather PM it that is fine, but I still see no link in the two. -“And that the removal of anything to do with Independence and freedom from our Money is not actually a bad thing, after all it makes us more acceptable to the rest of the world if we look a little less proud .”- We don’t have to be proud, we have to be smart. If using a dollar coin, saves money, increases commerce, and lasts longer our using it does not make us less free. You keep on as if, there is a big conspiracy by the government, well where is it? I’ve worked for various branches of the US government and have yet to see anything even vaguely relating to competence, let alone the ability to create and manage a conspiracy (and I’ve got a high enough clearance to find one- I haven’t yet). -“ by the way, Im very impressed by your resume !!! “- Good, but I doubt I’ll ever need you to give me job ;-) . I enjoyed hearing about yours as well. One should always be proud of themselves and what they have done, and surviving Jimmy Carter is honestly amazing. Luckily I was overseas for much of the Carter debacle and too young to remember much of Ford. -“Thanks for your time, sorry that it was wasted on someone who will not change their mind !!”- I am not interested in changing your mind, I just like noting facts versus conjecture when discussing a topic. I am sure you don’t want/need to change mine. My main point was in your last post on the previous page, about the bills/spending/tax-- Which I answered above in the first post. The other points are all tangential at this point, and we digress a bit. The discussions are always “fun” for me so thanks. Ciao, and Hook ‘em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I post, You decide
  13. Wel mine ended at 66.15, a pretty good price for 3 94-5 Swiss notes with an exchange value of ~ 62 USD. Thanks all for alooking. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I post, you decide
  14. -"You know IM not a kid ,Ive lived a little life and Ive seen the settle changes in everything from Child rearing to Monitary changes, I was around when Silver was taken from our coins"- Coulda fooled me kid j/k . I've lived on four continents, been to all seven, lived in 11 states, and done my time with my own business (which is doing great BTW). I'm glad you have been around, so have I. Now that we have that out of the way.... -"FED which you seem to be so fond of, caused Inflation to spin out of control in the early 80's , My business at the time barely survived "- I never noted a fondness for the FED, nor mentioned one-- do not attempt to put words in peoples mouths to prove a weak point. I really do not care about your business as it has no bearing on the point at hand. As for the FED of the early 80s talk to Jimmy Carter not to me about it. But I digress and I would hate to have to call myself a hypocrit, it seems it survived so I guess you did fine, congrats. -"I see this change in our currency to be an attack upon the very existence of the US as a stand alone nation,One that will over time erode all that we hold with pride in our hearts what we have achieved ,,, I do not wish to follow the example of europe, canada, or any other country . You ask how can all that be in a dollar bill ? all this amounts to IMHO is just another small erosion of Independence and a step toward a world government ."- I see the fact one can stuff a dollar bill in a stripers G-string versus having to throw a coin like in Canada, errodes my independence. That makes a lot of sense I can feel the UN troops approaching as their evil plan to introduce the dollar coins begins.... please. The conclusions you are trying to draw are so far out there and not connected, it is beyond left field. If another country has done something smart, it is not a bad idea to look and follow that example. Do not try and act like France and be contrarian at all costs, it will only hurt the US. -"The Dollar Bill is just the Beginning all paper currency will follow ,, You said it your statement :(Again, I'll always take the savings in fed money (as I noted above) and within two years American's will not remember the swtichover ala the currency change of the 90s. It just takes momentum to make it happen.)"- Thanks I needed that laugh after a long night LOL. (ANd yes I like things to save my "Wasted" tax dollars-- the gov't saves million on $1coin vs dollar) SO let me get this straight, the dollar bill, as opposed to a coin, mind you, makes me more independent living in America? I see, the "worthless" paper --as many call the FIAT versus the ugly coin of yours--affects our independence...how.I see, it is another gov't conspiracy, that makes a lot of "cents" [sic] Paper currency is not going anywhere anytime soon, in fact the GAO studied if a $500 bill should be reintroduced. Again Americans will not remember the switch because Americans have short attention spans, this is not a hit on Americans as poor old 28plain could not understand, it is fact. America is the fattest country on earth, and people have shorter attention spans this doesn't make them bad, it is just fact, fat people are still productive. People will gripe at the swtich then move on. That news story will be the flavour of the month and then die, and again folks will move on and use the dollar coin. Are you afraid we will all get currency cards where your spending is tracked? Do you fear the feds are watching you? Trust me, the gov't is not that good nor competent, your rights are fine. As for this discussion, I see now why you did not answer myfirst response to you, it is not money, but the gov't action you fear. You should have said that up front and saved some me bandwith. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Seven continents down, none to go
  15. Well I "lived" Las Vegas for 5 weeks, was just in Phoenix for two, Tucson for a few days, and Albuquerque all the time and never had a problem getting Dollar coins into vending machines. This is an aside from the fact the fed and transport machines already use them and give them back (granted mass transit is a lost art in much of the Southwest but the use is mandated anyway). You seem to have a problem with the design of the coin, or do you fear the perceived cost of a changeover? The dollar while widely accepted is not quite good "anywhere" in the world, but it is close-- the higher denom bills is normally what you see. In fact most $100s circulate outside the US. Again, I'll always take the savings in fed money (as I noted above) and within two years American's will not remember the swtichover ala the currency change of the 90s. It just takes momentum to make it happen. As for the One Cent coin, that will eventually go the way of the DoDo as inflation continues, but it will be a while. As I said a few replies back, it will take businesses to force this change and the first thing they must do is price items with Tax already included (again like most movie theatres). Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I was told there would be no math
  16. Found a beat up 48 on the floor of a coin shop in OKC a few weeks ago, and he let me keep it. Last one I received in change was a few days ago in Houston at a grocery store downtown. Always fun to find! My friends find them and give them to me, usually one or two a year. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, You may now move about the cabin
  17. -"who is a forward thinking person would realise that the use of higher denomination bills would increase as a result,,"- Actually that would not be the case at all (other country’s have done it and not spent more over time). Gov't estimates have shown people are more inclined to spend the coins (dollars) but nothing is shown as increasing for high bills. For higher denom bills to be spent more, you would need some serious inflation, which I don't see happening. (I see no cause and effect to increase high bill usage without the one, other than $2s if we keep printing them, which I think should be done at first) Besides, the money the mint makes selling coins to the FED, Seigniorage , easily makes up for any lost on a few extra $5s being printed. Not to mention the original money saved sans the cost of printing coloured dollar bills every 18 months-- they are "billed" to the government at cost, which is where that 20-30 million comes from. Most of the vending machine industry already came up with dollar coin machines, and worked with the feds on the Sac dollar design (and electric conduction properties, to help with the slug detection.) I use the dollar coins all the time, and I use them in vending machines all over the States. It is not often advertised that they work but most do, ditto newspaper machines and all the toll roads I've used. Look harder they are out there. As a funny aside, I’ve even seen vending machines that take two dollar bills (and used them). Ciao, and Hook ‘em Horns, Capt-AWACS, When it absolutely must be destroyed overnight
  18. No it is a fact that the gov't will save 25-30 million a year minimum on dollar coins if paper dollars are removed. They might spend it on something else, but the savings are there-mainly due to how long a coin lasts versus the 18~ months of the dollar. Sanmiguel, I've always liked having no "pennies" in the BX, but I often use pogs, as I have some many If all stores listed prices with Tax included (again like movie theatres) that would help the process. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Forum alpha breeder male
  19. -""They have just went so fast," Julie Brown a teller from South Ottumwa Savings Banks said. "- They have just GONE so fast... Boy that irks me. But I digress. THey are a welcome change IMO, and I ordered the boy special from the mint and have yet to receive it!! I ordered it May 28 and was told delivery in mid June, then it changed to July 7th, and now the site says a ship date of 20 July I want my nickel set!!!!!! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, The USAF we do our best work overseas
  20. which proves my point American's don't like change[sic]... Sisu, while I agree, for the most part-- with sales tax/VAT taxes like they are, stores will have to list prices with tax already included..which is rarely done in the USA. Movie theatres are the first example that comes to mind. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Redheads are nuts
  21. wow! The story seems plausible. The US Government's reaction will be interesting, since the mint did originally give the specimans to congress. I say let them keep it! My first guess at an auction price- $2-2.5 million. Now for the 64 Peace dollars... Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Forum alpha breeder male
  22. Well mistermcdoo it looks like you were my one and only bidder on the newer polymer notes. PM me and we can work out the auction details. Thanks for bidding on my first coinpeople auction! Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, aka Tony, of the Houston Tonys
  23. no problem! I'm glad what little Arabic I learned and even less I remember is good for something LOL Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, You may now move about the cabin
  24. thanks amigo, I just realised I didn't talk about payment. I have a paypal account, or will take a check, money order, or if you are brave US cash (though I suggest against it). Did I cover everything else. I'm a coinpeople auction virgin Oh I see my link is not working, I'll fix that soon. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Gear up, Flaps up, Low drag
  25. Well I started after getting a proof set of my birth year, but moving so much as a child, I already had banknotes from all over the world--I just didn't know it was a collection yet Now I focus more on paper, but still do some coins. I also collect license plates from all over the world. And I have tons of airplane stuff around which I don't actively collect but jet have from my flying. I don't really do stamps. Oh and I have 31 hard rock cafe hurricanes I've picked up from the cafes I've visited. I don't really like the cafes, or the touristy aspect of it but it started on a whim so I go if I can when I am in a new place. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I was told there would be no math
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