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  1. Phocas, AE Half follis. Carthage. DN FOCAS PERP AVG, crowned and mantled bust facing, holding mappa and cross on globe / Large X-dot-X, (or X over dot-dot X over dot) star to left, cross above, epsilon to right; mintmark KRTG. SB 686, DOC 116.


    Source (just scrol down to SB 686)


    I think it's that one.




  2. This was sent to me by a Ukrainian contact:


    The upper note - 3 roubles, was issued by the city of Kerch, located at Crimean peninsula

    The lower one - 20 hryvnia note, was issued by the city council of Mohyliv-Podilski.


    So it's getting solved one at the time.


    I found one more in the collection, of which I thought the Pick number (S272) would be right, but that part seems to be deleted in my edition. Could someone check if this was listed before?

    Wonder why it got removed. Maybe it is now listed under another country?





    Kind regards,



  3. If it's a legit error (Brockage error is likely) then you have a very nice and likely expensive coin there. The problem is it could also be a vice-job and could possibly be post-mint damage. I would ask a few error experts on here and if you cannot get a surefire answer, submit it for authentification purposes. It's nifty either way you look at it. Welcome to CP btw.


    It's totally ok. The obverse would be damaged if it were a vice job.


    Great find!



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