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  1. I don't know about nowadays, but........ ....... when I was a kid collector ( age 15 in 1975 ), I went to my parents childhood small town bank, and asked if I could buy at face value several bags of pennies. I specifically asked to get the bags from the bottom of their pile of coin bags. I was thinking, even at my young age, that the bank likely pulled bags off the top when they needed pennies, and hopefully the bottom bags were not touched in a long time. I recall getting many bags, and took them home to explore. WOW, I was right!!! The bags were full of wheat cents, even Indian cent
  2. ...I have a 1709...but my wife has our camera until next tuesday....Will post pic if no other shows up by then....sorry...
  3. ...you can always add a 'reply' to your feedback on that sale, on Ebay later....
  4. I consider buying copies.... .....for instance, I have the Dansco Large Cent book. But my best coins (ie, 1793 chain cent,1793 wreath, 1793 liberty cap, 1799, 1804) are in slabs. Do I leave those holes empty, or do I fill them with copies so the book looks nice, knowing the real things are safely tucked away?
  5. ....For me...APMEX is just 4 miles away!!!....but my wife won't let me walk in there, so what's the use!!! APMEX
  6. Okay..... ...not the best pic, but hope it will do!!!...an old British half penny
  7. ....see.....good work, folks!!!
  8. Folks, hang in there!...a 1766 will show up in time...be patient.....keep the streak alive for real!!!!
  9. . ....1783 Spanish 8 Reales....from the shipwreck El Cazador in 1784....legend has it this shipment of bullion was to go to help fund the spanish territory of "Louisiana", but when the ship sank, the Spanish lost its stronghold, and later had to sell the land to France, who in turn sold it to us (USA) in 1803.....otherwise I might be speaking "Frenchy french" right now! (here in Oklahoma!!!) . . .
  10. ...can go back to 1793( I focused on getting every year of 1 cent pieces starting 1793 to current date)....earlier than that it gets sketchy.... ...I think I have 1788, 1787, 1786, 1785, 1783, 1773,1760, 1756,1757, 1746,1733...... ...have a couple "OLD" dated coins: 1677, 1644, 1559, 1557, 1509, 1480.....hoping our "how far back can you go?" thread goes back that far!!!!
  11. Here is what I use to display coins on my wall. These are of some old Colonial coins & paper money (sorry for the bad pic): and another pic of some older coins: ---here is where I have purchased my cases: ---"COIN CASES"--- ....I put enough foam rubber in the case (behind the glass) so when I close the glass lid, the glass presses gently against the coins to hold them in place....I put black velvet over the foam rubber (as seen in the pics) ....hope that gives another idea!!!
  12. ...This is my rarest: 1794 Starred Reverse large cent....currently 57 known examples exist. Mine is not the prettiest (well worn) but, hey, it's a "Star". Here, you can see some of the stars on the reverse:
  13. I had to get a 1909-S VDB for my Lincoln set, another for my 20th century set, ANOTHER for my 19 & 20th century set, and ANOTHER for my "Coins of 1909" set!!!! (......just kidding!.....) ...actually, for my Large Cent Sheldon Variety Set, I have many coins in my Dansco book, some in 2x2's, and others in slabs.....so they are all over the place....I just know what I have with my written checklist that I refer to.
  14. ....Dang, I can't bring myself to sell any of mine!!!!......
  15. ...have been working on Early Date Large cents 1793-1814, as many Sheldon Varieties as I can. I think I have 105 varieties so far. ( have about 200 large cents total)........face value=......$2.00
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