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  1. A feww weeks ago I bougt in Holland some old American Banknotes. My question is or the notes are real or fake. With friendly regards, Mosco
  2. Is this banknote 2 dollars Bank of Chattanooga 1863 real or fake?
  3. Is this banknote 1 dollar State of Florida 1863 real or fake?
  4. This medal is a so called "sprinkle medal" in occasion to the inauguration of King Willem 1 of Holland in 1815. They were made in 4 materials: gold-silver-bronze and zinc. Because of the hole the value is not much but it is a very nice medal to keep in your collection. When you sell it on ebay or this forum I think it can bring abour 5-10 dollar. Mosco
  5. Hello Kirsten, Please post a picture of the front and back so I can perhaps help you to identify this coin/medal. With friendly regards, Mosco
  6. This banknote is very rare. The value is ????. The best you can do is to bring it in to a banknote auction in Holland. Mosco
  7. Hello Donal, Now it's clear to me. This is a misprint of the 5 euro banknote. You can find it on this site but it is in the French language. http://www.billetfaute.com/pageLibre0001017f.html On this site of the ECB you can find all the securitys about the euro banknotes. http://www.ecb.int/euro/banknotes/security/html/index.en.html With friendly regards, Mosco
  8. 161 - 5 April 1895 Number of issued notes: unknown Watermark: "Javasche Bank" and two times the number "5" on right and left side Penal law text in 4 languages on reverse updated with dates 1866, 1870 and 1872 a. issued, serial number: 2 characters, 5 numbers (first number always 0); e.g., IV 0xxxx or KY 0xxxx, signatures: Groenenveld (President), H.P.J. van den Berg (Secretary), contra mark in lower right corner on reverse b. issued, like a, but cancelled with stamps "VERNIETIGD" (destroyed) on obverse c. issued, like a, but cancelled with perforation "NIETIG BT" d. unfinished (no se
  9. Hello Donal, I see that the note is ripped near to the silver strip. It is possible that somebody pulled it out of the note. Or it can be a fake note. With friendly regards, Mosco
  10. Dutch banknotes: http://home.kpn.nl/piers019/history-eng.html Mosco
  11. http://home.kpn.nl/piers019/80ernl.html
  12. On thise site you can see all issued Dutch banknotes. http://home.kpn.nl/piers019/history-eng.html Mosco
  13. Hallo, My name is Mos and I am from Holland. I came to this site because of my interest for old Dutch banknotes and banknotes with animals. I hope to make some new friends with the same interests. With friendly regards, Mos
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