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  1. Hi grivna 1726, As I promised before I post couple images from my collection. 1. 1714 5 kopecks novodel
  2. I agree with Timofei+ 1830 series 1. Original coins under cherry 'bronze' colored you can find brown "copper" color 2. Possible in 1840's SPB mint used the same ORIGINAL dies from 1830. 3. In 1870's SPB mint struck "Novodel" coins by new dies.
  3. All reference comes from Russian collectors/dealers.I hope we will see couple books from Russia in couple years.
  4. Dear Alexey, 1 k 1830 SPB ORIGINAL- with long ribbons and dark brown color, the same as some Russian medals from SPB mint. Coin most be with strong details (first strikes) Regards, Rarenum
  5. '0' underbidder from Poland is okey, won the Auction and paid for coin last week.
  6. I'm sorry for delay I was busy with my work before vacation .Thank You to Steven .+ I should check my collection to comparison your coin . Will post more images after 09.29.06.
  7. Thank You Steve for images from catalog.
  8. Hi, Just short note. Dies was cleaned before struck .You can find similar 5 kopecks 1714 Novodel struck with same dies in Markov/Baldwin’s catalog from 01.16.03 :lot#560 5 kopecks 1714 , and lot #559 5 kopecks 1713 with similar cleaning on dies.
  9. Looks like original 1798 EM 1 kopeck -mintmark removed
  10. Coin in the safe box (Bank) I can send better image in couple days, please send me your email address there I can send higher resolution .
  11. Thank You.Correct 1 kopeck overstruck on Swedish 1 ore.
  12. Hello Steve, I'm sending couple images of the coins. 1. 1763 EM 1 KOPECK 2. 1758 NO M/M 1 KOPECK OVERSTRUCK ON 1 ORE
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