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  1. I'm the same way for coins and numismatic books, even some collectors and dialers fink I’m to crazy about my collection. But you should be careful any way with tools and slabs. Dealers in US breaking the slabs different way from yours.
  2. I starting collecting then I was a kid and I like review the coin (edge ,wait ,diameter...).I can not feel the coin the same way in the slab. You should feel coin to have better experience plus I like natural toning in the wood coin cabinets.
  3. For Nicolas II you can use Kazakov and for Soviet coins Fedorin(you can find on ebay). Good luck with Your collection .
  4. It is ok 1 gr.plus or minus for Russian coins of 18th century
  5. You should break slabs more gently (not to damage the coin), your second tool on the pic#7 looks strange. I break the slabs for my collection, but proof pattern, novodels coins I prefer keep in the slab.
  6. Probably some body try to find rare ruble of Catherine in the lot of silver Russian coins. A lot of people dreaming about treasure on internet.
  7. I agree with IgorS above lot 3217, from the same "mint"
  8. I agree, lot 3264 porter and eagle looks funny (not original). Did you review the lot 3214 Ruble of Peter II, I believe I saw the same coin before and I think it is questionable authenticity of the coin.
  9. Yes, it is coin from Stack's sale in NY,but not from Gund Collection
  10. http://www.kuenker.de/onlineAuctionList.as...d=148&lid=1
  11. Possible struck over a 174's Swedish öre.Good Luck.
  12. lot 1202 with estimate $1500.00. was sold for $7750.00+15%
  13. My question is, if some body have see coin in reference of 19th or 20th century. Thank You.
  14. Thank You.Coin never listed before. Only one exist in my knowledge .
  15. Interesting coin from my collection.Grivennik 1756 no m/m/ Unlisted.
  16. Aleksey Shneze was working on Moscow Mint 1766-1768 and SPB Mint 1766-1772 .Rubles existed only 1771, 1772 with m/m "A Sh" It is more possibility for 1772/1.But I can not see trace of low part of "2"
  17. Hi BKB,Great coin, congratulation! How many coins left to complete the series of Paul I ?
  18. I have 1787-1788 TM -3 coins with E over I
  19. I agree individuals can not stop sell fakes .Possible if we can do some kind of expertise (group of numismatists with knowledge) .It is a lot of members of "ANS" and "RNS"…online.
  20. 2kisenishMr.Gorny has a good reputation. I’m happy it works out for you.
  21. We have to send report fake multi listing on eBay from the same seller, the seller like “lora…” with description “original” dangerous. Couple new collectors spend thousand dollars on eBay to catch bargain price.
  22. I have send report fake multi listing on eBay from the same seller couple days back, but those items still on sale(In my opinion it is damage eBay reputation) .Also I try advice the buyers not to buy from the seller.
  23. Not only russian numismatic market with strong prices.You can see russian art market : http://search.sothebys.com/liveauctions/am...et_ra_1106.html
  24. The prices accelerating for the coin in choice condition or one year of the tipe, but some very rare coins selling for reasonable prices for today market. As far as I see the highest bidders primary investors.
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