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  1. Coin with corrosion and was cleaned. But it is great coin for collection (one year type).I was trying several times buying Dassier on the auctions then the price was above $1000.00, all the times some body place highest bid.No Luck
  2. ToWCO "Especially cleaned, with rim problems, tooling and mounts removed or ex-jewelry" Bring down the price of the coins. I personally don’t care if coin was clean. Almost 90%-80% Russian coins of 18th century were cleaned and slabed by Grading companies…
  3. I can find only overdates on the Auctions and privet collections. We can confirm Original 1788TM 2 k must be overdates and only one dies exist on Feodosia mint.
  4. Thank You,I spoke with some body on the fone and get wrong info. above plate kopeck.
  5. Some highlights from Russian copper sale.1.Plate grivnas sold for 1000000.00-1600000.00 rubles on the Auction in Moscow.2.Plate 5 kopecks sold for 6000000.00 rubles. Converter:$1.00=26.05 rublesI'm shock, I should start collect envelops from the coin instead the coins.
  6. Hi Gxseries, Thank You. I like details of the coin usually I see fine. 1. Yes, it is correct dies and machineries was transported from St. Petersburg mint 2. Looks like was used the same dies for 2 kopecks from 1787. 1) Four digital of the date"1788" was repunched. 2) Crown possible different (images from GM very low resolution).
  7. Hi Timofey, Send date and condition of the coin, I will look later today. Rarenum
  8. Okey,did you look in GM(all overdates?) .
  9. I have find very rare overdate coin for my collection .2 Kopecks1788/7 TM (8 over 7).
  10. I believe some body mention back in the days. As far I remember Hermes broad across the board ruble of Konstantin for expertise and broth back (the same coin).Also I believe if you change the coin no body recognized (if it is no picture of the coin before crossing).
  11. Overstrucks 1/2k,1k,2k,5 kopecks (1793AM,1794AM,1795AM...)VF+,any overstrucks of 18 century in XF or better .Can send full list on your request.
  12. (a******) Collection is not full, missing above 500 grams .
  13. I fink you are wrong, this way you will never find unlisted coins and full collection. And you missing research in the other dates and unlisted combination of avers and reverse, overdates...I have space for more coins in my collection, will buy any heavy coins for reasonable price from number 21 and up
  14. The Russian dealers paying more for VF slabs?
  15. Slab is plastic or Ex. Tolstoy is the history I would choose the history.
  16. If coins (Collection) is nice .Grandson will sell for better price .Just mark references Ex.Tolstoy, Ex.Klingert,Ex....
  17. Slabs important for sale, but not for collecting the coins.
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