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  2. Also overstrikes and coins with countermarks was sold on the Auctions: D.Markov,D.Gorny...
  3. Correct, you can find also overstrikes and coins with countermarks listed in the book "Coins of Georgia" Author Pahomov.
  4. It takes time to pull out the documents(i have construction in the house),but i will try in couple weeks. It is good idea , a lot usefull information you will find in RNS and I will try to find other books on internet and will send you the links.
  5. You can find in Spasskiy, Also in the book Memory of Oreshnikov part 1 or 2 (Article about Collection in museum and collectors), RNS...
  6. I believe above 18-20 coins in Museum of Russia.Elso I have one letter from Spasskiy above Persian overstruck,but now I file all my documents, will try to send update later.
  7. Coin is amazing and original novodel.I'm not shore if coin was cleaned .Bad news, the price is double from last time.
  8. I feel like I should send to the auction all my $20.00 dollars coins and make 100 times profit
  9. I have report this item to ebay today.
  10. This type usually has weak strike. Only couple details has my attention in the word “Rouble” letters “R” and ”L”.I fink it the best way ask the seller for better image and review if the letter was engrave ,but I can be wrong .
  11. It does mater. You can not guaranty austenitic of the coin until examined and have coin in your own. You can buy, but not resale coin until you received the coin. 1. Coin can be not authentic. 2. Coin can be damage in the shipping. 3. Coin can be lost in the shipping.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/Russian-silver-rouble-...1QQcmdZViewItem Ruble 1723 on ebay not original
  13. Thank You for update. I can find only one in GM collection, possible one in Museum (Moscow) and one in my collection. All together two confirm.
  14. Nice coins, the best way to compare eagle type,edge, overdates ...Good luck with your collection.
  15. To RW Julian, Did Mr. James Randall purchases and sell lot's of Russian copper coins on the Auctions or it was privet treaty . I collect Auction catalogs ,books , references, of Russian collections. Thank You.
  16. I agree people should include description, or answer the quetions .Then some body asking reasonable questions.
  17. 1. Resolution is low to see hairlines. I have to see more images from different corners. 2. NGC... slabed lightly cleaned coin better then with original toning, you better ask WCO.
  18. Can you send high resolution of the portrait side? Thank You.
  19. One cleaned coin from my collection- Kopeck 1718 NDZ .Can you tell me why coin is "salvage". Coin better then in GM Collection
  20. Why you add Memorial Ruble-"Salvage" to your profile? I would say nice coin, was cleaned before, now has nice light toning, possible gradable .One again I didn’t call your coin-"Salvage”, you did.
  21. 1. I’m sorry for question .How many years you collect Russian coins? To named salvage cleaned coin. 2. Can You tell me haw mach cost Mercedes of 1930's-salvage?
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