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  1. Mr.Julian , Do you have 2 varieties (DOT, NO DOT) for 1848 MW 2 Kopecks? Rarenum.
  2. http://www.thauctions.com/default.aspx?doc...;s=&c1=1001 It is not strange compare to other coins from the Auctions.
  3. In my point of view see on the market some prices compare to the prices Giel, Ilyn, and Tolstoy from 1910's 1 rouble=$1000.00. Plate denda1811 75 rubles=around $70000.00 Plate kopecks 1811 150 rubles=around $150000.00 + can increase the price condition and one year of the tipe, varaity...
  4. Thank you. Will add next week my 1762 2 kopecks (not the best quality) and 10 kopecks (similar quality to 4 kop...).
  5. Hi, I have coupled other type plain edge Moldavian coins .Can I see the edge of the coin. Thank you, Rarenum
  6. I can see only flow metal ,then was struck.
  7. Great book, one of the best for Russian coins with rarity ,prices and info. Not cheap. Happy Holidays.
  8. Hi Steve, I did not find any details undertype for 5 kop.CM 1764-1767 in my collection. Will post images later. Rarenum.
  9. Link to "Russian Coins from Ivan Terrible to Peter I" .MELNIKOVA http://cgi.ebay.com/Russian-Coins-from-Iva...ksid=p1638.m118 http://cgi.ebay.com/Melnikova-A-S-RUSSIAN-...ksid=p1638.m118 Regards,Rarenum.
  10. Welcome to coinpeople,You can find novodels in Kaim(text in german) or for wire money original Melnikova (text in russian)one of the best.I will send you the links for books later.
  11. Looks like kids was playing in "pogera".I was playing then I was kid and exchange better coin for my "collection".
  12. The problem is every body bidding on the same coins. 1858 denga can be more expensive with today prices.Rarenum
  13. Hi John, All 3 roubles (1723, 1762, 1766) not original. For gold coins please add better images with details. 1. I can recommend buying the books, before you spend money for the coins. 2. Buying from the dialers with reputation. 3. Size and weight, compare the picture... Or you can spend $20.00 for each coin and send to NGC, but for first 3 roubles it is worse sending and spending the money, I’m sorry. RARENUM.
  14. Congratulathion, great coin I bid about 50 coins, but no luck .
  15. I'm sorry for late answer. 1. Not only famous and rich have order Novodels, 2. Yes, the mint stop struck Novodels (and continues with Gangut). 3. I just not agree with your opinion: " Do you think they could do proof coins 150 years ago?????? It is a big BS!!!!! Thank you. Mummytol."??? You should bring more details... 4.Of course Machinery on the mint was change couple times on the beginning of 19th century, but then they start use Proof technology for coins or medals? I believe No documents exist on the mint about start striking coins in Proof before 1830’s, but it doesn’t mean the c
  16. Dear Mummytrol,I believe it is just your opinion or you don’t like technology of 19th century. I did home work for 10 min. and have fond: 1. Blank collection I have found silver proof from 1801 and up and copper proof from 1810 and up in 2. Dublekats of Hermitage from 1818 and up gold in Proof.3. Tolstoy from 1809 und up...
  17. The prices from the last Auction in Moscow from October 13 2007: Lot 3 Polupoltinnik 1701 -4500000.00 roubels Lot 101 Rouble Anna in chain 1730 -15600000.00 roubels ... How high the prices can go .Some body buys for collection or to push the Russian coin market to the next price level? Conversion US 1= 25.00 roubles
  18. It is hard to tell you, poor replica, but haircut is nice
  19. I Spoke with Vladimir and it is no plans for Bitkin III. I'm sorry. About prices on eBay, eBay increase the fees every six month and I'm not surprise the other sellers not buying the books from Russia and Ukraine because the shipping fees is very high.
  20. Look like playing (gambling) jetton from Germany. Can you send the weight of the jetton.Thank You.
  21. My recommendations to buy the books before you buying the coins, and very easy compare the pictures. For polupoltines of Peter I I recommend M. Dyakov (2 parts)
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