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  1. Looks like a phantom p. I have some pics like V-Fox with raised metal in the hair. My coin Has A Scarface look and the raised stuff in the Hair. Also a phantom P. Does anyone have any Idea about this p above the date? What this is called?
  2. What is the raised peace of metal called on the leaf???
  3. I have some. I have one that looks like he has a scare on his face. And a double P or Phantom P
  4. Doubling and Smooth rim. Cuds and die cracks. I hope I find something.
  5. The ANA Grading Guide Is a great book on grading. It has helped me and I think you would like it. You can always go to the book store and read it.
  6. Whish me Luck!!! I am about to search all of these. I hope I find something worth the search of these coins. I have a feeling this will take a while.
  7. My 1962 mint set.& DIGITAL SCALES!!!!!!!
  8. There are alot of 2000's Less 1998 even less 1999. They are out there. You may look for months before you find one. You may have to look through 10,000 plus to find one. I have found some.
  9. I want the 1992 siver eagle. What Quarters do you have left?
  10. The bottom right how much$?. the otherside has the Head Dress like the 5 peso?
  11. Thanks for waiting. Here it is.
  12. nice. anymore? looks like i got beat to this one.
  13. Looks like cleaning gone bad. Dont dip you coins. Great buy
  14. AG-1 I would have bought 10 of them
  15. dprice

    What is this?

    I know they didnt make white gold coins. What is it a fake of?
  16. I got this from my mom, but she dosent remember were she got it.
  17. Now everywhere I go people think Im trying to rob them. I lean over the counter and look in the register. I dont care.
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