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  1. I got a letter that says If I send the stamps I will get a Uncirculated Washington State Quarter in a Protective case. It is from the United States Commemorative Gallery. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Has anyone heard of the United States Cmmemorative Gallery????
  2. Morgans are my favorites, but I still like half dimes just as much. I would recomend collecting other coins that you like as well. Bust dimes are nice. You made a great choice with the Morgan.
  3. Figure 3 and 4 look like mine. And figure1. I hope I get my coins back so I will know for sure. I hope I get great news, because these coins are in great shape. MS-63
  4. Interesting coin. Even more interesting pic. Welcome to Coin People
  5. Very nice coin. As for the Lincholn I heard that they were thinking about not making the penny anymore, because it cost more than 1 cent to make it. Has anyone heard anything else about this?
  6. Im sure its hard to find stuff like this. So I guess I will have to buy some.
  7. Ok thanks. I hope ANACS will give me some great news. I will let everyone know what they say when I get It back. I sent it overnite. They received it Friday. I got the 5 day service on one coin(1899o) . Economy on the 2 cent piece and the 4 morgans(3 1899o, 1 1903). So maybe I will get it back the week after next. The 5 coins I sent at the economy rate, I will get those back in 3 1/2 weeks or so.
  8. VAM 6: Begin with the obverse of the coin and check the date position. The only 1899 Micro-O with a near date is VAM 6. Figure 2 illustrates the date position for VAM 6 where the left edge of the bottom of the 1 is aligned over a denticle gap. All other Micro-O coins have a date alignment where the right edge of the 1 is aligned over the center of a denticle as shown in [Figure 3]. If you have a near date, your coin is a VAM-6, verify that the attribution by checking for a unique die polishing line between the eagle’s neck and the wing as illustrated in figure 4. VAM-6 also has slight doubling that can be seen on high grade examples at the base of the ear and at the right inside of the ear. ** If the coin has Die polishing lines between the nack and the wing does this mean it is a Micro o???????? As stated above?????**
  9. To take good pictures you need to put your loop or magnifying glass up to the lense and zoom in. This should help you get good close ups.
  10. My pics really dont look like any of those. Some of mine are set way left and slanted right. Just wish me Luck!!! I sent them to ANACS maybe I will get some good news from them.
  11. Great because all of mine are complete circles. I sent them to ANACS wish me luck. I dont care what VAM they are aslong as they are micro O's. Your comments have been helpful and I really appreciate it. I am 27 and I started collecting when I was young. In the past year I have really started back collecting. I have bought tons of coins in the past year, so much I wouldn't consider the coins I collected when I was young collecting( silver quarters and Buffalo nickels and wheat pennies ) I know I have alot to learn. I have bought several books. I just subscribed to coin world.
  12. This mint mark is almost round and does not have the taller oval shape seen on most other Morgan dollars. For an unknown reason, this smaller mint mark punch made for the Barber quarter was used on a few Morgan dies. Today, five different 1899 reverse dies are known to have Micro-O reverses. Of particular note is that one of the 1899 Micro-O reverses, VAM 6, was used as the master to create counterfeit dollars with Micro-O reverses dated 1896, 1900 and 1902.* When they say this do they mean the inside of the mintmark or the outside???Micro O Compared to a Normal O
  13. Do you think its a micro o????
  14. I have a 16x loop. I paid $16 for it. It is as big as a Quarter, so you can look at the whole quarter at one time. I have a17x loop but it a small one. Im thinking about biying an electron microscope. To find these errors it helps to have 15x - 20x these make it better to see.
  15. Do you mean upside down, When they are on heads and some coins the in god and 2007 are upside down and some are readable. Like when liberty is face up then they are readable.
  16. Sorry the picture will not fit. It is at the top of my collection on OMNICOIN. Please let me know what you think.
  17. I have a couple of these coins. Here is more pics. What about these? They all have the die polishing marks between the right base of the neck and the wing. THANKYOU all for you infomation.
  18. Those prices are not bad. Resonable. Especially the 1999. You could sell a MS65 for $1000
  19. One more pic. Right of neck between neck and wing.
  20. I sent this to ANACS. The o mintmark is slanted. Die clash marks right of neck between wing. What is your opinion?
  21. What does a man gotta do to get one of those?
  22. Yeah I know. I will need a good Eye Doctor when Im finished.
  23. Here are the ones I have. Whats up with this P.??? And he has a Scareface.
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