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  1. The 2 broadstrikes I have are both 2001.
  2. dprice


    Thankz V-Fox. Pleasent transaction.
  3. This is my second broadstrike. I think this one was out of collar. The diameter is bigger. I think its considered a Broadstrike?
  4. dprice


    I recieved everything you sent me. The barber is in better shape than I thought. The 5 Peso is what I expected. The 1992 ASE is Ok. I wanted to say thank you and that I recived them. They were all packaged up great. I would recomend anyone to do business with you. I hope we can trade or do business again.
  5. I found another one. I will post some pics later. This one is bigger than a normal penny. The diameter is bigger. I think it was out off colar.
  6. The die crack goes around the chin and in the center what looks like a hair sticks out.
  7. I wouldnt either, but it is an interesting piece.
  8. I would agree with that but I dont see any damage around that area to justify that. I know the pic dosent show it that well. I think the some of the seven chipped off.
  9. It is raised. Looks kinda like extra metal in there. I have a couple like this. The indention should be deeper.
  10. The seven looks like it has stripes. Would this be an Error? What would cause it. It seems like the stamp broke or it didnt cut out good? Would it sell for a premium? 3 pics of the stripes and 1 pic of a normal seven
  11. Im sure of it. but would it be an error that would sell for a premium?
  12. This dollar looks like it has a wild hair sticking out of its Chin. Is this considered a Error?
  13. She is so Beautiful. I would marry her if I could afford her.
  14. Welcome. You will find there are alot of helpful people here.
  15. This was in change I was looking through last night. Its my first Broadstrike.
  16. Here is Dustins way. I will try scotishmoney next. see which is easier.
  17. Thank you for getting my pic up. I have been getting the on there, but the global space has gotten alot smaller. It was 99.9k not 1.84k.
  18. I have 14 of them and I think this one had a hole in it at the edge and a staple was touching the edge. Im sure that explans it. But it stopping were it did and the path it went is cool to me.
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