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  1. There are 1483 people with my full name.
  2. I kinda like it the way it is.
  3. How much are you wanting for it? I dont have many foreign coins. I have some from the 1900's. That one looks Kool.
  4. We all love to buy coins and trade. There are alot of helpful people here. Welcome to Coin People.
  5. He he is correct. Is this coin for sale?
  6. I agree with everyone. I do think its a fake. Not because everyone else thinks so. The W and A look too far apart. I have a coin that was passed down from my mother. She had it for 20 years and is a fake. I hope its real and you prove us all wrong. It just dosent look real to me. You might think we are all just trying to bring you down, but its just our opinions.
  7. Im torn between VG8 and G6. But Im going with VG8. Can I go with G 7.4???
  8. I have not be collecting that way. Some people do and they want it all. Some stop when they get everything in the Red Book. Some dont stop until they have every variety. Some people do not collect errors. Its up to you. I just like to buy coins. When I see one and I like I gotta get it.
  9. Not sure, but I really like it. I would love to get one. I dont have one of them. Is it for sale?
  10. My nearest coin dealer is 2 hours ans 30 minutes away.
  11. The links are not working. Im going to try Omni Coin.
  12. I would be more interested in the older gold coins. Eagles, double eagles, and other gold coins from 1800's
  13. I agree. Im also tempted. I love that design. Im buying some dimes half dimes and Half dollars. I will post soon. the most I have paid for one coin is $110. I usually just buy at Blue Book value, but if I see a coin I really like I will pay what someone is asking for it. I always buy coins and never sell them. I dont know what Im going to do with all of them. I guess I could open a coin store. There was a coin dealer were I live but he closed. So that probally means business isnt good around here.
  14. I have some more with a die crack and looks like moles on his chin. Either one big one or two smaller one. I have a few of them. I have filled S's. Most are the first s in states. I have one that is the second S. I have 10 out of 1000.
  15. I have seen some drilled holes filled and it dosent look like that. When you see one you can notice it.
  16. I just found out my freind has 8 of these. I only have 2 He has one dtate Quarter wit three cuds. 25 2000's lincholn wide am. He has 8 1998 wad am. 1997 double ear. 1984 double ear. several dbl dies. He needs to be shut down.
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