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  1. You would have to melt down $1.65 in pennies to get $2.65. Good Idea for the govenment because they could take all copper pennies and replace them with new pennies. Then the penney would not have to be done away with. But the value of pennies may rise if they don't make them any more. The government would probally us the billions of pennies the took in and keep the melted value as profit..

  2. I collect error coins and die varieties. Most people do not collect them. I like looking at them and wondering how it happen and how it made it through inspection. I think starting 2002 the inspection process was being enforced more and less error coins are getting threw. A yer or two after that they started making waffled coins from errors coins. I am not sure if they are still doing this. So it should be alot harder to get a recent error coin because there are less of them. I hope more people read this Topic.

  3. My name is Daniel, I started collectin coins when I was young. I stopped Around 11

    and started back recently when my mom gave me my coins out of her safety deposit box. I am 26 , I collect Morgan Dollars and Half Dimes. I also collect error coins old and new. I have 25 morgans that I want to get graded. I was thinking about sending them to PCI which is in COIN WORLD. I have 14 Morgan 1899-o dollars. Six of them have slanted mintmarks and some of them have micro O's. You can see the slanted ones without magnification. Some are slanted with magnification. Some are bold O's and some are not.(which I mean micro) My friend bought one from me and sent it to PCI it graded MS-64, but he didn't ask them to look for atrabutions. He also sent PCI a 1999 Linchon wide AM that graded MS-63. I have the ANA grading standards 6th Edition book and they seem to be Graded right. Some of my 1899-o $ are in better shape and some are the same. Has Anyone heard Good or bad things about PCI????? I also have a 1928-S Peace

    dollar that looks better than the one in ANA grading standards 6th edition between pages 96-97 which are color pages. This coin is graded at MS-64 hevily bag marked and lightly struck on the reverse. Does anyone have some advice????? COIN PEOPLE seems to be great and alot of people know what there talking about.

    I am glad that I can be a member. I know I need a VAM BOOK does anyone have one that they like????? I would appreciate any replies THANKYOU!!! :ninja:

  4. I started collecting coins when i was young and stopped. I started back recently when my mom gave me my coin back out of her safety deposit box. I have bought most of my coins recently. I like morgan dollars and half dimes. Also error coins old and recent. I have 25 morgans i am going to get graded. I just don't know who I will send them to. I have 14 morgan 1899-o and the mintmark is slanted to the right on 4 of them and some micro O's. MY friend bought one and sent it to PCI it graded MS-64. Some of mine are better some the same. He didn't ask them to look for atributions.ANY SUGGESTIONS??? COIN PEOPLE seems very helpful and alot of people know what they are talking about.

  5. I have 25 Morgan Dollars I was wanting to get Graded. I have 14 1899-o Sevral of them look like micro O's. My friend bought 1 from me and sent it to PCI and they graded it at MS-64. But he didn't ask the to look for any atrabutions.Some of mine look alot better than his and some a little worse. The mintmark is slanted to the right on About 6 of them. 4 of them you can see without magnification. 2 of them are just not as bold.

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