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    Coins from different countries. Only one from each. Actual currency.
  1. Thanks! You've enlighted me. Best regards
  2. Does anyone know where are these coins from? One is from Eritrea I can see that. One is from United arab emirates. One I think that is from Syria. But the rest of them? .... Please if some of you can help please do that.
  3. It's celebration cos the wondering son have returned.
  4. Europa: Liechtentein Asia: Tadjikistan, Kirghiztan, Cambodia, Bhutan, Qatar Africa: Senegal*, Burkina Faso, Niger, Zair, Lesotho, Swaziland, Sao Tome si Principe*, Guineea Ecuatoriala,* Benin, Togo, Coasta de fildes. America centrala: Puerto Rico, I-le Virgine Americane America de sud: Guyana Franceza. Oceania: Nauru, Tuvalu*I-le mariane de nord. daca gessti ceva contacteaza-ma la oroian_ovidiu@yahoo.com
  5. ovidiu, hello, again. I have several of the countries you need. They'll go out on the 1st. So what does someone in Romania do for FUN? 16D In Romania we have a lot of entertaining thins to to. Every night I go out with my friends to a mug of beer. In weekends we go camping. Near Bistrita are situated The Carpathian mountains. Bistrita is situated in the famous region you all heard of Transilvania. But there a lot of work to. I work at a factory that produces aluminium radiators. Is very popular. And has partners in US, France, Czech Rep., Austria, Finland, Great Britain etc. www.raal.co
  6. Thaks you all! I meant The Northern Mariana Islands.
  7. Yeah thanks a lot you guys! I must reply to the labmom question. I've been collecting coins since I was 13 and a half years old. In january I have 7 full years of collecting. I must say that in the beginning it was very hard to find coins. I wonder how did I manage to survive that period. Well I'm back and I want to remain her among you people if that's ok with you all. Talk again soon.
  8. Well. My name is Ovidiu and I'm from Romania. I'm a 20 years old romanian boy. My biggest hobby is to collect coins. Only one coin from each coutry. Until now I have coins from 181 different countries. In the past I had the pleasure of meeting here miss Tiffybunny and to swap some coins. You can ask her. I'm not unserios. Best regards
  9. Hallo! I'm from Romania. Best regards! <Removed Trade Offers - Stujoe>
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