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  1. Hello, You can go to Rue Vivienne (In the second arrondissement) between The Grands Boulevards and the former Stock Exchange of Palais Brongniart. There are also a lot of shops in the streets perpendicular or which are going along Rue Vivienne. I warn you : if will go to CGB, you would better search particular coins. If you have not any idea, they will tell you kindly you must will see the website.
  2. Hello, Me too. To know the reason of its strike, I think we may search palladium situation in 19th century : rarety, price... I believed your email was a spam. Sorry. Best regards.
  3. Hello ! This is a list of some good French links : - http://perso.wanadoo.fr/campi (First Numismatics French sites annuary), oops it's done ! - http://mcbblancos.free.fr/MCB : (Quotations of French coins from Second Empire to 2001 and euro coins mostly) - http://www.infonumis.info (Modern French coinage) - http://chine.numis-collec.com : Site about imperial chinese coinage (Open is comming) & http://www.numis-collec.com - http://herve.sors.free.fr (British coins) - http://www.monnaie-romaine.com (Imperial Roman coinage) - http://www.fredericweber.com (Imperial Roman coinage an
  4. Hi, I have tried it and it gives very relevant results. It is in my favorites : useful numismatics tool ! You may add a language option for searches, what do you think about this ? You can put my site (see my signature) in your engine, thanks. Greetings.
  5. In France, we have a free software (JGF Monnaie) created by Jean de Griffolet. It is available in English for some months. There is lists (Euros, French fifth Republic, Canada...) that you can download on his site. You can also create your own list of your collection : every coin has its information (Scan, face value, commercial value, weight...). Like Excel, it is possible to sort yours lists by criterion (Country, date...). JGF manages your exchanges, your purchases and your (personnel not professional !) sales of coins. Finally, the lists can be printed ! Today, JGF
  6. Ahhh, you talk about metals and alloys ? Super. For me, I think electrum is a great alloy because the first western coins were minted in this alloy and because of its coulour, a pale yellow. Then, I like gold* for its colour also (yellow is my favorite colour). Gold is a fascinating metal ! I was suprised when I saw the poll results, I was thinking gold was more popular. But in numismatics, the most important is the diversity of all metals and alloys for coins, all of kind of patinates and colours, weights, hardness... It's fantastic. What would be numismatics and coins with only one me
  7. Thank you ! I wanted be sure and have confirmation. In my site, I consider it like the first palladium coin in the world.
  8. Hello all , I have read some months ago in an old French numismatics book (from 60's or 70's) that a palladium pattern 6 pence was issued by Great Britain in 1831 year. Have you some information about this coin ? At least does it exist ? I have not found a such coin on the net. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hello all, How do you explain this swastika mark ? Why on King Charles IV ?
  10. Beautiful Token ! See here. ;-) In 1674, Nancy was no yet French. It was an independant duchy. Thanks ! Yes I have this coin (bought €15 ! ) et finn series with several dates for €20 ! LoL ---- Christian, my coin will be a century years old in 2007 !
  11. Yes I understand. Danke ! I don't speak German... In France, there is English of course, and after German, Spanish or Italian. In my high school, there was not Italien language. Spanish looks like to French, so I took Spanish (most easy for exams ! ).
  12. I stopped it but I keep it. I habe been fastened to my first euros (the first €2 commemoratives, the finish series I have bought for a fortune in 2002, some San Marino cents...). In my collection, there are beautiful german coins, you know, like a 2 marks 1907A, very fine. It owned to my great-grandfather who lived in Elsass. It's the unique coin of my family I have.
  13. I have another token of Dijon mayor (holed ! ) Copper, 30,5mm, medal strike, smooth edge. Rarity level : R (Max. : RRRR). Observe : LA VILLE - DE DIJON Mr. BAVDINET VIC MAI/ 1716 Reverse : HIS ASTRIS CITO FLORET ET ODORAT
  14. This is a twentieth of écu (Reign of Louis the fifteen) holed. Judging by the position of the hole, maybe the coin was worn as a locket.
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