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  1. Presidential dollar coins victims of budget crunch Sorry, President Chester Arthur. Nobody wants you. Searching for savings in a tough economy, the White House said on Tuesday that the U.S. Mint would scrap automatic production of millions of dollar coins bearing the image of deceased American presidents at a saving of $50 million a year. "As will shock you all, calls for Chester A. Arthur coins are not big," said Vice President Joe Biden, referring to the country's 21st president, who died in 1886. "I'm not commenting on his presidency, but it just is not very high." The U.S. Treasury estimates there are almost $1.4 billion worth of dollar coins sitting in the vaults of the Federal Reserve, with 1.6 billion more coins scheduled to be minted over the next five years. "They make hundreds of millions of these coins every year. Forty percent of them end up being returned to the Federal Reserve because nobody wants them," Biden told a meeting on cutting waste in government. The surplus was created by a 2005 Act of Congress which instructed the Mint to produce 70-80 million coins per deceased president, of which there are currently 39. "From now on, we're only going to make as many coins as collectors demand, and we're going to charge a premium for the coins so it doesn't cost us a dime to make ... no matter whose president's face is on the coin," Biden said.
  2. I took a look around. I found nothing. What country made this coin? I'm assuming it's not Greece.
  3. The SMS is the one type of US set that I don't have. Someday...
  4. M'mm, 40% silver proof Kennedy!
  5. I always love a good Morgan, thanks for sharing!
  6. I don't think that's too ugly. I also don't think it's an 1860 unless that's a really mannish version of Queen Victoria, in which case it would be a truly ugly coin!
  7. My friend, you're from Louisiana, shouldn't you be saying, "Best wishes to y'all...Cheers!"?
  8. UncleBobo

    2011 coins

    After not seeing any 2010 National Park quarters in my change I've gotten a 2011 Gettysburg quarter today. Interestingly, that's the only parks quarter I've seen so far that I have even the slightest interest in.
  9. It is a fake. That coin is a half dollar made for the Confederate States of America and I think that only three or four of them were struck. If someone paid $46 dollars for that copy they are a fool.
  10. A 1936 Buffalo Nickel in pretty good shape! It's been many years since I've gotten a buffalo in my change!
  11. I have to agree with the others in saying that it's not the bad art as much as it is the bad execution of it by making the coin shallow and over detailed. They age horribly.
  12. Of course the gold coin has the best design, not that I can afford it!
  13. Whooo, that was nice! Oh yeah, I found two silver dimes today! 1962 & 1963
  14. Numismatic Halloween!!!! Remember that time FDR wore the Hindenburg mask? That was a real trip!
  15. Wow! They've turned boring quarters into big, boring and expensive medals.
  16. I probably wouldn't survive it, but I'd love to see the big bang.
  17. I don't know if it's the economy or just the time of year but I have next to no interest in buying any coins right now. Given the drop in new topic postings in recent weeks I'm guessing I'm not the only coinperson experiencing the collecting doldrums. How are the rest of you doing?
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