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  1. The idea here is a census of the cents in circulation. I know that this has been done before, but this will be an ongoing project, constantly becoming more accurate. You should search in $50 increments, recording the number of each date and mint mark. Also, include the following varieties: 1858 LL and SL (I know this is a long shot, but the goal here is to have 10,000,000 or more coins searched) 1873 Closed 3 and Open 3 1886 TI and TII 1922 Plain 1936 DDO-001 1944 D/S 1955 DDO-001 1960 PD LD, SD, and D mint SD over LD 1970S LD/SD and DDO-001 1972 DD0-001 1974 PDS LD and SD 1982 PD
  2. anybody working on a BU roll set? here is what I have so far. 2011 D 2010 D 2008 D 2007 D 2006 D 2004 D 2003 D 2002 D 2001 D 2000 D 1999 D 1998 D 1997 D 1995 D
  3. try a set of lincoln cents from circulation. just go and get the folders for them and start by getting a $10 batch of pennies from your bank. Try to get some rolls with "older" coins showing on the ends(rather than solid date rolls) that is how my obsession started, and I now do like $100 plus in pennies a week. it is addicting and fun. See if you can beat me to a Indian H...

  4. Hi obsessed. I am just developing an interest in coin collecting... Where is a good place to start.

  5. IMO, the numismatic equivalent to that is a corroded zincoln. My idea of good architecture is stuff like the Notre Dame cathedral.
  6. well, about the sharpie marks on coins, acetone usually removes them without cousing the coin to look cleaned at all.
  7. recently wrapped. In fact, it was one of those banke where I have to wait for them to wrap the rolls. The other two boxes that I got at the same time had only average amounts of wheats. It just dosen't make sense!
  8. Well, I got a full box of 2011 D cents
  9. nobody mentioned putting pennies on R/R tracks. I can just imagine the line in the book.
  10. That is not even my best. That would be the box with 671 wheats in it. I opened the box and just about passed out. Half the rolls had wheats on the ends. Best in there were a 1917 and a 1929 S.
  11. Well I am a member of several coin forums, and all of them have a thread like this. So c'mon, lets see them. I'll start with the fact that I found a 1919 D and a 1917 in the same box. Always fun to find teens.
  12. I am wondering if anyone else here is from MT. The roll searching here is good. Last box of pennies had 671 wheats!. of course, that is far above average.
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