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  1. We'd like to invite any collector with an interest in South African coins, and particularly rare South African coins, to contribute to this dedicated thread and help keep it going. Share pictures, ask questions, source your favourite rare coin. We really want to see what South African coins people outside of the country are collecting, and advise if people have any questions. To get the ball rolling, we've posted a few interesting pictures of some really beautiful, very rare South African coins. Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing what you have in your collection. Till then,
  2. Thanks to everyone who's replied to this thread. It's great that there is an interest in South Africa coins in general. Whether or not you have rare coins in your collection, we're still keen to see what's out there, and we certainly have a lot of information to share. We will be starting a thread on here this month. We have a website and a blog where we post regularly, but will look to post articles here too in the resources section. So watch this space, we'll let you know when we get started on it. Thanks again for the interest and for taking the time to reply. Looking forward to getting a g
  3. Hi Everyone, We're thinking about starting thread specifically for rare South African coins, but before we do this, we want to find out if people would be interested in this. We realize that this is an international forum with a strong focus on US coins, but we simply don't have any rare coin forums in South Africa. Also, we'd like to see what the interest is in rare South African coins outside of the country and see who is collecting what. Looking forward to hearing from everyone who's interested, let's see if we can get this rolling. Thanks, Georgia (South Cape Coins)
  4. For centuries, unique rare coins were collected by nobility, royalty and upper class citizens who were quick to realize their investment value, even at that time. Fortunately today, coin collecting is no longer only the ‘Hobby of Kings’ and it has become a pastime that millions of people worldwide pursue, enjoy and benefit from. We’ve spoken before about the benefits of a rare coin investment, but just to recap one of the primary benefits, in South Africa, rare coins are classified as ‘collectibles’ and as such, don’t attract Capital Gains Tax when sold. Over the past few decades, investo
  5. Just to say thank you to everyone who entered our first ever rare coin competition! Although we initially had to extend the closing date, we were very pleased with the overall success and positive feedback we had about the competition. Jaco Pieterse is the winner of the 1898 Sammy Marks Penny valued at an incredible R 45 000. Congratulations! You can read our full interview with Jaco on the South Cape Coins blog: http://www.southcapecoins.co.za/news/interview-with-the-sammy-marks-penny-winner/ We hope to run a similar rare coin contest in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.
  6. Hello all you numismatic fanatics. Thank you to everyone who has entered the South Cape Coins Sammy Marks Penny rare coin competition. For those of you who haven't yet entered, you still have 4 days to do so. This rare coin is valued at R45,000 (about $5,300)and entering is really very easy. All you have to do is 'like' the new South Cape Coins Facebook Fan page. Follow this link for further details on how to enter. Good luck! If you have any questions email me, georgia@southcapecoins.co.za.
  7. Hi All, Because of the delay with the launch of our new website (which looks great by the way), the competition that we are running for the 1898 Sammy Marks Penny, valued at R45 000 ($6500) has been extended to the end of August. We WILL be picking a winner then, so please make sure you enter before then. Thank you to everyone who has entered and 'liked' our Facebook fan page already.We hope that you are enjoying the articles, posts and tips that we put up every day. Remember, you can find out more about the coin and competition from our fan page, so be sure to check in often. If
  8. Hi all you numismatic fanatics. Just to remind you that this awesome competition is still running, until the end of July, so you still have time to head over to our Facebook page. All you have to do is 'like' our fan page to stand a chance of winning this valuable prize. We also update the South Cape Coins fan page daily, with interesting articles, videos, collectors tips etc. We're nearly finished with an all new website, and we will also be posting our own blog articles there twice a month. Become a fan of South Cape Coins! Become a fan of South Cape Coins! See you th
  9. Over the past month, we’ve posted a couple of YouTube videos on our Facebook fan page that show the gold refining process and the manufacturing of gold coins. The feedback has been great and in the next few months we’ll be adding more footage to our own YouTube channel. We already have one video posted, which you can view here. With all the interest around refining and manufacturing, we thought we’d take a deeper look into our own country’s mint, the South African Mint Company, which has a really interesting history. It all began in 1890, after gold was first discovered in 1886 near t
  10. Thanks for your interest in our articles, it's great to see how different people feel about Pedigree coins, and what significance theirs holds for them. @ART - how far are you along with your 'one coin, one note' for each country? What a fantastic project/challenge/aspiration. Good luck with that.
  11. A pedigree coin is one that has a documented history of who has previously owned it. Generally, the further back the pedigree goes, the more potential value the coin has. Some exceptionally rare coins, especially those with pedigrees that can be traced back to the date of issue, are even more highly valued. Take for example our nation’s finest rare coin, The Single 9. The fact that it is the only coin of its kind in existence, coupled with the fact that one of its previous owners was King Farouk of Egypt, means it has one of the most notable pedigrees of any rare coin. In numismatics (t
  12. Hi Guys, It's great to see all the interest in our Facebook/South Cape Coins 1898 Sammy Marks Penny competition. We're really happy to be able to offer up this fantastic prize, valued at R45 000, so don't miss your chance to get your hands on it. Remember that in order to qualify you need to go to our Facebook fan page and click 'like'. The more people that you get to also click 'like' on the fan page, the better your chances are of winning this beautiful coin. The competition is running until July, so you have plenty of time to encourage your friends to play too. Follow this lin
  13. Rare coins, as opposed to gold bullion coins, aren’t ever reminted, which means that this exclusive market revolves entirely around the availability, liquidity, supply and demand of coins that have already been produced. In this post we’re going to look at how these factors affect and determine the value of a rare coin as well as its official grading. Rare coins have developed an international reputation for being one of the most liquid assets of all collectable markets and historically deliver a high ROI, which is why it’s important that you understand these evaluation aspects before you star
  14. Hi Guys, We have just started running an amazing competition on our South Cape Coins Facebook page and who would be more interested than the numismatic enthusiasts on Coin People? So, we thought we'd let you know about the competition here too. Up for grabs is a rare South African coin, the 1898 Sammy Marks Penny MS64RB (see attached picture). All you need to do is make sure you go and 'like' our new Facebook profile page, and also encourage your friends and people who might be interested to 'like' us too. The winner is the person who gets the most people to 'like' the new S
  15. That's a really beautiful coin, I can see why they would be hard to source, can't imagine they come up for auction very often. I agree when you say that if you find something you really like and could afford then go for it. We advise all our new coin collectors and investors that you should always try to buy the highest quality coin that you can comfortably afford as you will never lose on an investment like that. Good luck with your search. Georgia
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