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About Me

I live in Chicago and have been a coin collector since I got my first coin, a 1921 Morgan Dollar, from a relative, when I was a young boy.


I had previously assembled a US type collection, including proof sets from 1964 to 2000 and a near-complete Morgan Dollar collection, but sold everything to finance the purchase of my condo back in 2000. I missed collecting, so I began to put together a set of Monarchy portrait coins after becoming interested in a Czar Nicholas II coin during a trip to St. Peresburg, Russia in 2007.


This collection has grown to 260+ coins from 22 countries and is dated from 1504 to the present. Some of the Monarchs included in the collection:



Australia: Edward VII, George V, George IV & Queen Elizabeth II

Austria-Hungary all monarchs: Franz I, Ferndinand I & Franz Josef I (and Empress Elisabeth)

Belgium all monarchs: Leopold I & II, Albert I, Leoplod III, Boudouin I (and Queen Fabiola) & Albert II

Canada all monarchs: Victoria, Edward VII, George V & VI and Elizabeth II

Denmark: Christian VII, Frederick VI, Christian VIII, Frederick VII, Christian IX (& Louise), Frederick IX (Ingrid, plus Princesses Benedikte, Anne-Marie & Margrethe) & Margrethe II (& Henrik)

England/Great Britain/UK: Henry VII & VIII, Edward VI, Mary I (alone) & Mary I with Philip II (of Spain), Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, James II, William III & Mary II, William III (alone), Anne (both pre & post Union), George I, II & III (both pre & post UK), George IV, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, [alas, no Edward VIII], George VI & Elizabeth II

France: Henry IV, Louis XIII, XIV, XV & XVI, Napoleon I Bonaparte, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Louis-Philippe I & Napoleon III

German Empire all monarchs: Wilhelm I (& Augusta), Freidrich III & Wilhlem II

Italy all monarchs: Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I & Vittorio Emaneule III

The Netherlands all monarchs: Willem I, II & III, Wilhelmina, Juliana & Beatrix

Norway all monarchs: Oscar II, Haakon VII, Olav V & Harald V

Portugal: Pedro IV, Maria II, Pedro V, Luis I, Carlos I (& Amelie), Manuel II

Russian Empire: Alexander III & Nicholas II

Spain: Charles III & VI, Joseph Bonaparte, Ferdinand VII, Isabella II, Amadeo I, Alphonson XII & XIII, Francisco Franco & Juan Carlos I (& Sofia)

Sweden: Carl XIV Johan, Oscar I, Carl XV, Oscar II (& Sofia), Gustav V, Carl VI Adolf & Carl XVI Gustav


My US collection:

1800-2011 US Type Set, which includes all sub-types, all varieties & most major sub-varieties (excluding gold) and missing only 2 issues: a Draped Bust $1 & a Gobrecht $1 (A total of over 250 mostly Proof, BU and High-grade coins)

1950-2011 Complete Proof Set collection, including Small & Large dates, Prestige, Premier Silver, Silver, Legancy and Coin & Chronicles sets

Assorted US Commemoratives, including an XF Lafayette $1, an unc Isabella Quarter, an unc Sesquicentennial Half Dollar, a BU 1918 Licoln Half Dollar & various 1982-present issues

1952-2011 Complete BU & Proof Lincoln Cents, including small & large dates, SMS coins, types I & II, all 7 1982s and all proofs from 1959-2011

1938-2011 Complete BU & Proof Jefferson Nickels, including types I & II, SMS coins and all proofs from 1955-2011

1946-2011 Complete BU & Proof Roosevelt Dimes, including types I & II, SMS coins, all modern silver proofs and all proofs from 1952-2011

1964-2011 Complete BU & Proof Kennedy Half Dollars, including types I & II, SMS coins, all modern silver proofs

1971-1978 Complete BU & Proof Eisenhower Dollars, including all possible varieties plus a 1991 Eisenhower Commemorative Proof

1979-1981 & 1999 Complete BU & Proof Susan B. Anthony Dollars

2000-2011 Complete BU & Proof Sacagawea & Indian Heritage Dollars, including the additional 2005-2010 Satin finished coins

All of the Coin & Currency Unc sets

A 2009 High-relief Saint-Gaudens 1 ounce Gold Proof

All 4 2009 P&D Cent Rolls sets

Assorted obsolete US cuurrency


World coins:

Various UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand Proof sets and uncirculated sets

Various UK Commemorative issues

Several hundred assorted country's coins, collected from change or purchased while traveling

Assorted obsolete World currency


My latest collection:

145 coin & 15 bank note Queen Elizabeth II portait collection of at least one issue from every country that now features or has ever featured her portrait on circulating, commemorative or NCLT coinage. SEE MY POST in British Commonwealth Coins.

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