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  1. Welcome, Haddockman. I've read that they no longer ship to non-EU countries, but haven't heard any complaints about their service otherwise.
  2. Welcome! That's a great collection with lots of variety. We will be bugging you for more photos.
  3. Welcome to the forum! How did you become the lone coin collector in a group of banknote collectors? Do they not collect coins at all?
  4. Welcome, Jeff, and congratulations on earning your PhD. What was the topic of your dissertation?
  5. That nickel is a beauty. It looks like it would melt in the sun.
  6. It's great to have another Dutch collector here. Welcome! How is your gulden collection coming along? I'm planning a trip to the Netherlands this year, and hope to fill in some missing years while I'm there. Marianne
  7. That's a good sign. Were most of their questions investment related, or did they seem interested in the hobby?
  8. Did they ask many questions?
  9. That would be a good spoon for taking nasty-tasting medicine. Welcome, Robbert! I hope you'll start a thread in the New Members forum and tell us about your collection. That's a nice Wilhelmina with helmet. Ik ben een beetje jalours. I've seen a few coins with OZO (Oranje Zal Overwinnen/Orange Will Overcome) etched on them.
  10. Welcome back! Maybe you've been refurbished?
  11. I kept some coins as travel mementos before I was interested in coin collecting per se. When I dug them out of a box recently, I was surprised by how well they'd held up (some of them were in my backpack for 3 months) and also by how much they reminded me of those trips. The coins I inherited are mementos, too. My dad's collection included some from a long visit to Europe our family took in 1964, when I was 3.
  12. The byline shows Sharon Listenberger. Is this really a guy? Or did one person conduct the interview and another write the article? That might explain a lot, while excusing nothing.
  13. September 22. Nickel. Now I'll work on that July snowstorm...
  14. I suspect the latter, but haven't been able to find any info. Maybe GDJMSP will come along - he's the ducat expert.
  15. Yep, it's from the Netherlands - the province of Friesland. The rampant lion is the mint mark. Those wavy flans are common for provincial ducats; I have one from Westfriesland that makes me seasick. The inscription on the obverse is "Concordia par cres." You've probably seen ducats with the P in par falling between the soldier's feet, rather than the C in cres. The inscription varies. There's a 1612/07 overstrike, and I wonder if yours could be one? My Krause is from 2003, but for what it's worth it lists both the overstrike and the regular type as: F 150 VF 275 EF 375.
  16. I've been keeping an eye out for this very coin, and yours is a lovely example. Your comments explain why they've been so hard to track down.
  17. My dad used to buy from him 30 years ago, so I emailed Karl Stevens' business a while back, asking for his price list and mentioning the connection. They sent me a nice note along with the list. Thanks for the advice, Bill. The Santa Clara show sounds like a bonanza.
  18. I have a similar problem with my nieces. The one most likely to develop an interest in coins made an entire album full of those fake credit cards you get in the mail. She also drew her own versions and included them. Maybe she's also most likely to become a counterfeiter...
  19. I became interested in coins right after the ANA held its giant coin show a 20-minute drive from where I live. It's a wait, but here's one coming to North Charleston at the end of August: http://www.coinshows.com/ladson_lccc.html
  20. The seller had a 1973-D bag for $20 less. I thought it was high, too. And shipping from Oregon wouldn't account for that.
  21. My dad probably bought this because of the (relatively) low mintage and because it was one of the last years that S.F. minted business strike cents. I found the invoice: $92.50 ppd in Jan. 1974. I can't decide whether to hang on to the unopened bag or give in to temptation and open it. Is it even possible to peek without getting carried away?
  22. It was a heaping bowl o' fun. This was the NorCal show in Fremont, at an Elks Club. Admission was free. I arrived just before noon, and the place was packed. I sidled in and scoped the place out. I definitely received some curious looks, either because I'm a woman or because I was wearing old-school basketball sneakers. There were a handful of other women there, and a few kids - but the kids seemed to be there under duress. I saw some ancients (coins, not people ). Only one dealer specialized in world coins, although a few had random pieces in their inventory. I was pleasan
  23. Thanks! This caps off a great week for me. And you've given Jos a birthday present.
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