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  1. This thread keeps sending me off on research missions. research5, those are wonderful. They're the first satirical coins I've seen with the alterations soldered on rather than engraved, but this must not be uncommon.
  2. USPS has combined Global Priority Mail, air parcel post, and economy parcel post into Priority Mail International. Fewer options, but hey - at least we're paying more. Flat-rate boxes with a maximum weight of 20 lbs (or the maximum allowed by the destination country) are $23.00 to Canada & Mexico and $37.00 to all other countries. Flat-rate envelopes have a 4-lb limit and are $9.00 to Canada & Mexico, $11.00 to other countries. There's no way to send 8.5 lbs of printed matter overseas via USPS without paying at least $35.15 (if you can fit everything in a flat-rate box
  3. 1845. Ugly, but it works...
  4. Halfway point. How are the collecting goals coming along? Any big successes, frustrations, and/or detours? My only coin-related goals for the year have been to read, relax, and not get discouraged. Detailed goals are beyond my scope right now. I'm curious about how you more seasoned collectors are doing, though.
  5. According to my 2004 Krause (4th ed.): #1 Sweden 1 ore F 1.00 / VF 3.00 (There are 3 variations of the engraver's initials, but the values are the same.) #2 France 5 centimes: F 4.00 / VF 12.00, and a buck less in each grade if it's 10 centimes. #3 Spain 5 centimos: F .75 / VF 12.00
  6. I'm inclined to say EF-40, but pay me no mind. Just practising.
  7. Your eyes should open and close as the medal moves back and forth. That's a great souvenir.
  8. Yvonne's kids (and Yvonne, for that matter) must be good sports to make an 11-hour day of it. But it sounds like the Mint took special care to entertain and educate kids. How did it compare to last year's event? And did Tabbs cut in line? He seems inclined to cheat lately.
  9. Thanks for the opinions, everyone. I'll send this to NCS and let you know the result.
  10. Thanks, GD. I only noticed the repunching when I started taking close-ups. The uniformity seems like a good sign.
  11. Hi, GD. Glad you're weighing in on this one. I'll post more pics tomorrow.
  12. I can't get a very clear photo, but here's a start... I'll try for a better one tomorrow. Shuffleboard on the Mediterranean is probably not in my future.
  13. The 1863 Willem III rijksdaalder is the key date of the series (50,652 minted), and there are so many fakes out there that I've had trouble finding real examples for comparison. Nearly all the ones I've seen have been contemporary counterfeits intended for circulation in Indonesia. If this is a fake (and the odds aren't in my favor) it was intended to fool collectors. Before I send this rijksdaalder to be authenticated, I'm looking for any obvious reasons not to bother. What I've come up with so far: It weighs 24.99 grams, which is .01 g underweight. Not enough to rule it out.
  14. I strongly suspect that you're pulling our legs, Lucille. But welcome to the forum. We need the exercise.
  15. Can you really see the numbers from the other side? My eyes must be failing fast... That was fun while it lasted, Jos.
  16. I'd go with rarity and a particularly bad wig day. The more I look at that coin, the more I like it.
  17. Great photos. I had to laugh at the Frank Lloyd Wright building partially draped in plastic. His buiildings tend to have leaky roofs.
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