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  1. Now if his momma is a quarter, daughter must be a dime... Whole World - OutKast
  2. Smellin like a brewery lookin like a tramp ain't got a quarter got a postage stamp Pasties & A G-String - Tom Waits
  3. Mad as a hatter, you're thin as a dime... Diamonds & Gold - Tom Waits
  4. I'm comin' over see me down at the station by the lane with my hands in my pocket jingling a wish coin that I stole from a fountain... Go It Alone - Beck
  5. I got a spring in my footstep - hot dog, I'm looking all right! I got a burning feeling Way down in my pocket tonight Shakin' in my pants like thunder Don't they just sparkle and shine Traveling everywhere I go cause I love, love love Nickels & dimes. Some, they like folded money Clipped tight like their fat neckties Quarters they can take to the laundry But I think they're just a bit outsized Oooh, I gotta stick my hand down I gotta touch them from time to time Coolest little things I know, and I love, love, love nickels and dimes. Shiny as a red-hot coal Smooth as
  6. I haven't tried this, but someone on a Dutch coin forum mentioned soaking copper in sauerkraut brine.
  7. That story was worth the wait. I can practically hear your mentor cackling away as he continued to outbid you. He must have been an extraordinary person, to be dying and still playing evil (but generous) tricks on his friends. I'm sorry you weren't able to meet him.
  8. Have fun, and look out for that Giant Lego Man! I'm looking forward to your travel report.
  9. Now that you mention it, I can see the fun in bidding against some of my friends. It does seem to depend on the circumstances. In this particular case, I'd rather see my friend win this coin, and he isn't the kind of person who would revel in competing with me.
  10. I know I've seen this topic addressed somewhere, but I can't find the thread. Maybe Elverno can tell that story again...
  11. The only coin shop in my area is just down the street from me. So close, and yet... so frustrating. The owner carries only a handful of non-U.S. coins, and he dips everything. Coins with obvious wear are shiny as doorknobs. I keep popping back in, hoping something decent will turn up. Last week, a hapless potential customer was fleeing out the door as I arrived. "Come on in," the dealer told me. "I won't be mean to YOU." So I scaled the "Cash paying customers only beyond this point" barrier and got an earful about the impending collapse of fiat money. I've tried to draw hi
  12. I was going to bid on a coin, but then realized that the high bidder is someone who has been a mentor to me. It doesn't seem right to bid against him. It would be a more difficult decision if it I needed that coin to complete a set, or if it was rare. This is a nice example of a scarce coin in my general area of interest. If our situations were reversed, he wouldn't recognize my auction identity and would certainly bid against me. Too bad I figured out who he was. Is there any standard etiquette for bidding against friends? This is likely to happen again.
  13. I'm guessing it's a 1968 50 korun from the Czech Republic, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Czechoslovakia & the 20th anniversary of the People's Republic. It has 1918-1968 on one side and 1948-1968 on the other, and I think the weight falls in your range (I just returned the 20th century Krause to the library for the 235th time... ). This may be a crazy stretch, but the woman on the obverse could be a version of the one in Alphonse Mucha's painting "Summer." Insomnia strikes again!
  14. Westfriesland 1596 rijksdaalder. It's my favorite coin to hold (a pocketful of these would just about immobilize you) and I also love the design.
  15. My dad committed a numismatic sin by having this Westfriesland 1591 (?) ducat made into a pendant for my mother. He couldn't bear to have it soldered, though, so the hideously ugly setting encases the coin without being attached to it. It's a bit squashed. I'm not certain it's real. But it's one of my favorites regardless.
  16. There are 0 people in the U.S. with my first & last name. I don't exist.
  17. The 1957 Canadian quarter is .800 silver, .200 copper.
  18. That's great, Mila_cent.
  19. Congratulations, Doc & Cryzy3by. How many pulltabs do you think you've found, Doc?
  20. Here's a whizzed coin. Those circular polishing lines aren't obvious under certain lighting conditions/angles, but the surface has an unnatural sheen that really stands out.
  21. Has Germany cornered the market on coins sporting satirical hats? That version of Strauß is hilarious. Thanks for finding these.
  22. Thanks for the link, research5. That's an easy site to get lost in for a while.
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