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  1. My wife may argue the chivalrous part but I'm sure she will agree that I am and always have been a terrible influence... :ninja:


    Your wife probably knew what she was getting herself into. ;)

    I'm more concerned about your offspring. You'd better not be encouraging anyone else to buy up Westfrisian coins, buster.

  2. 1622obv1.jpg1622rev1.jpg



    Fellow CP denizen hiho backed away from the auction for this 1622 Westfriesland rijksdaalder when he learned I'd been draw to it. He is a chivalrous person and a terrible influence. :ninja:


    It weighs 28.72 gr and is 42 cm in diameter. There are a few weirdnesses on the reverse that puzzle me, like the line running from the bottom of the "C" at 8 o'clock and that trailing line of silver over the "16." Maybe it was just a sloppy hammering job? There's certainly lots of doubling.


    The daalder equalled 30 stuivers. In 1622, an unskilled worker made 12 stuivers a (long) day, while artisans made around 28 stuivers. I found a ledger from slightly later in the century that showed the yearly expenses of a minister. His fruit and vegetable purchases amounted to 448 stuivers, while he spent 1400 stuivers on wine & beer! Oh, and he also spent twice as much on cleaning products as he did on fruits & vegetables, in keeping with the Dutch reputation for insane amounts of scrubbing.




    In 1622, Westfrisian coins were minted either in Hoorn or in Enkhuizen. This is the Enkhuizen mint, at Westerstraat 125. My dad was born and raised at Westerstraat 95. Both buildings are still standing; the mint is some sort of office and my grandparents' house is primarily a Chinese restaurant.

  3. Nemesis is such a misunderstood word.


    If you want the 1622 Westy I will bow out without a wimper or a moan, but one day, when there is a coin that I REALLY want, you must do the same.

    OK? And of course if you win the 1622 you have to post it here. No excuses. You have 60 years.


    PS - The seller seems honest on all counts and when are you going to see one like this again? Sell me one of your coins and bid on this!


    (Remember I won't be bidding against you...)(:ninja:)



    See? Nemesis.


    That's a very kind offer, even if you're undermining my moral fiber. But I have an idea. I'll send you a pm.


    Meanwhile... we're still waiting for a 1685. ;)

  4. See if you just collected everything like me you wouldn't have this problem. :ninja:


    Good point! I do have some magpie in me, but the coins I want to sell are mostly dupes. My excuse for procrastinating has been my mediocre macro photography skills.

  5. Nice one Marianne, I'm bidding on a gorgeous 1622 West Friesland Taler on eBay that I hope to add to this thread.



    Probably not the best person to tell though... ;)




    A while back, I swore to myself that I wouldn't buy any more coins until I'd sold some. I've avoided temptation by staying away from active auction listings. But... a couple of days ago, I peeked. And the very coin you mention immediately caught my eye. It's the only item on my watch list.


    I will be strong. Really. Hiho, you are -- in the nicest possible way -- my nemesis. ;)

  6. Westfriesland daalder of 30 stuivers. Tilt your head 30 degrees to the left to view the reverse correctly. :ninja:


    This is one of my favorite coins for its tactile qualities. It fits perfectly in my palm, is smooth, and has a nice weight.




  7. Oh, and a 1678 Netherlands 6S Silver Ship Shilling from West Friesland. Marianne will like it. :ninja:


    That was an interesting year for West Friesland coinage, thanks to the wily Dirk Bosch. I'm looking forward to seeing it.


    Lovely avatar, btw. ;)

  8. While we wait for a '38 to appear I would like to continue with the botany theme.


    Did you know that carrots come in both the common orange variety and also in white? In fact all carrots were white until the Dutch bred them to match their national color back in the 1600's.

    I read this in the local free newspaper so it must be true, right?


    Marianne, please tell us about your new avatar, the woman (man?) with the rooster helmet. Beautiful! Is it Swiss or French? Wanna trade it for a 1739 West Friesland duit? :ninja:



    I don't think you can blame my family for orange carrots, but my forebears did take the string out of the stringbean.


    My new avatar is a medal designed by Louis Bottée. It's not mine, but I might give in to a streak of megalomania and get me one. That's Marianne, the allegorical symbol of the French Republic. She tends to have extraordinary headgear. Here's a link to some others:



  9. I wasn't aware that the Dutch were using Swedish copper. I learned something new today.


    Same hoard, same seller, a wonderful older gentleman named Ola. Sorry, I was probably the person who outbid you. ;)

    I have three of his West Friesland duits, two came back from NGC as MS65RB, the third graded MS63RB.

    I would part with that one if an interesting trade were offered.


    I'll post photos of a 1739 Holland and a 1739 West Friesland duit tomorrow that look like they were minted yesterday.


    In the meantime I took out my camera and here is my 1740, a quarter taler from Basel Switzerland.



    You are going to be a terrible influence on me. That's a beauty.


    Yes, the 1739 duits are made of both Swedish and Dutch copper, the latter from the Veluwe in Gelderland.


    So... it's been you who has thwarted me at every turn! And Ola is the "retired civil servant" with an amazing collection. Now I have "It's a small world after all" stuck in my head, and I hope you feel terribly guilty about that. I can use that to my advantage. :ninja:

  10. Now that you have seen my worst duit be prepared to see my best. One from Holland, one from West Friesland.

    Ten 1739's to choose from, I found a small hoard in Sweden last year.



    What a coincidence - I've been looking for 1739 Westfriesland duits, and a seller in Sweden has offered a few gorgeous ones over the last couple of years. I was outbid. I wonder if they were from that same hoard.


    Most of the copper used to make those duits came from Sweden, too.


    I'm prepared to be jealous. :ninja:

  11. I don't know enough about the duits yet but I hope you find what you are looking for. The duits and the other types you mentioned are fairly rare and must make for a very interesting area to collect.



    Thanks. Yes, there are lots of rare years/varieties, so it's a good thing I'm not aiming for a complete set. I've run across a few 1739 duits; there were over 2 million minted (using 93 die pairs) after a severe shortage. The other denominations might take a while to track down.

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