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  1. Well, some of them complained about their digestive systems and how everything was going to hell in a handbasket. They also complained that the widespread availability of the Maundy sets made receiving them in the Maundy ceremony something of a crock.
  2. Yes, that was still true in 1901. People could order sets from the bank, and the mintage was 8,976. The mintages lowered considerably after the recipients complained.
  3. Thanks! Some of the old cases are lovely in themselves, and I suspect my Maundy collection won't stop here. I like that the coins broken out of sets are called "oddments."
  4. I like tiny coins and gargantuan ones. This 1901 Old Head Maundy set falls into the former category, with the 1p being only 11.15mm. (Roaddevil needs one to make his Netherlands 5 cent look overweight.) I pilfered these pics from the seller because I'm crap at coin photography. The set is in an NGC slab, making it even more difficult to capture the toning. So here's the obverse of the 3p and reverse of the... take a wild guess. Since Queen Victoria died in January 1901, and Maundy Thursday is in April, these must have been distributed after her death. (At the time, monarchs didn
  5. Thanks for letting us know, Art. I'm thinking of sending him CP updates. If nothing interesting comes up around here, I'll just make stuff up.
  6. That is a beautiful coin. I came close to buying one recently myself, but the circumstances of the sale were a bit weird, so I resisted.
  7. Denmark 1 skilling 1771. Clawed by angry hedgehogs.
  8. Oops - I do have a 1771. I'll post it tomorrow unless someone else wants to jump in.
  9. I wish that split grading were more common. According to the ANA grading book, at least 3 letters in "Liberty" must be visible for a grade of F-12, but I do think the reverse is in that range. Friends keep bringing me coins that they've had sitting around for years - inherited or from their childhood collections. I don't pretend to know more than the basics, but it's good practice for me and I can at least start them off in the right direction. It was fun to discover this 20 cent piece in an old change purse, buried in corroded Canadian cents.
  10. I'm thinking VG-8, but this is the first one of these I've seen in person.
  11. I'm partial to toning, but not when it resembles flesh-eating disease.
  12. Thanks, guys. I do ignore the obvious on occasion. If we ever have an Ugly Toning competition, I have a few strong contenders...
  13. I figured that the paper towels caused the toning, but the streaking on this coin is puzzling me.
  14. Sorry about the poor photo quality. I have a fruitcake tin full of '30s rijksdaalders, some of which were wrapped in paper towels ( ) and developed varying degrees of colorful toning. The one in this pic has more luster than I could capture, but it also has weird streaks. They seem to run under the devices, which makes me wonder if it's the result of die polishing. Or was it a bad dip job? Any ideas? Thank you, my friends. marianne
  15. ... Spend his very last dime tryin to hold on to what he needs When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge
  16. ... and if I had a nickel for each time that I've been put on I would be their nickel man and I'd sing a little song. The Nickel Song - Melanie
  17. And I've got one more silver dollar, but I'm not gonna let them catch me... Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers
  18. They'll lock you in a cage without a goodbye for a nickle bribe I Summon You - Spoon
  19. ... and she's taking her time as she's tossing a dime at the man in the cardboard coffin It doesn't have to be fine, she's ahead of the line... Sick Day - Fountains of Wayne
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