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  1. ^^^^ Don't go giving me ideas... The ducat and quarter ducat are lovely.
  2. ^^^ Another victim of the Dutch conspiracy! And hiho should be along shortly with his two coins for 1743...
  3. Thanks. Yes, there are lots of rare years/varieties, so it's a good thing I'm not aiming for a complete set. I've run across a few 1739 duits; there were over 2 million minted (using 93 die pairs) after a severe shortage. The other denominations might take a while to track down.
  4. I'm searching for duits (domestic & VOC), bezemstuivers & 2 stuivers minted in the Westfriesland town of Enkhuizen, 1732-1741. They bear the turnip mintmaster's mark. Fine or better, as long as the turnips look reasonably fresh for their age. Thanks for looking.
  5. The siege is beginning... slightly ahead of schedule.
  6. Like the Classic Head half cent: I'm odd and have little purchasing power. Some of my years were exceptional; others were fairly common. I've developed a slight edge over the years. My surface is inclined to be porous. I stopped exposing my cleavage. I'm never seen without my Liberty headband.
  7. We can't escape the Netherlands...
  8. I've bought mixed sizes in quantities of 100 to get a better discount and save on shipping. With shipping included, I've paid .49-.57 each.
  9. I agree. "Unfortunate Facial Hair" could be yet another thread. Those are great coins, LD. But what's this "If I did collect world..." dissembling? It's too late.
  10. Sellers can use stock photos for raw coins, but they are required to identify the photo as such in their listing. I don't know if eBay is enforcing this, though.
  11. Those are lovely, Clive. Do you store your early Maundy sets in cases?
  12. I couldn't wait for my issue of the Numismatist to arrive, so I read your article online and enjoyed it thoroughly. What an odd and charming character (John Krohn, not you, Bill!). Do you think the bet that allegedly prompted his first trek, and the whole "benefactor" angle, was a marketing ploy?
  13. Congratulations, Bill! I've been wondering about the saga of Sailor Jean & Colonial Jack. Your tokens (and the histories behind them) are wonderful.
  14. 1759 West Friesland 2 stuivers.
  15. Not... enough... coffee. I just posted something 10 years too late and removed it...
  16. I keep mistaking this thread for the "Let's count backwards from..." one in the Asylum, and ignoring it.
  17. Napoleon astride a galloping wild boar, and looking quite jaunty.
  18. "Imagine owning a piece of road kill" would be more appropriate.
  19. Do the silica gel packs you've saved up change color when they're saturated? I'd be worried about using ones that have been sitting around.
  20. Coincidentally, I've just been reading up on C.J. van der Hoef after running across a few of his horticulture medals. Art nouveau designs are too overwrought for my taste in larger objects, but I really like them on coins and medals. Your Christmas tree medal is great. It reminds me of Christmases with my Austrian friend's family, when his mother would light candles on the tree while my friend hovered nearby, clutching the fire extinguisher.
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