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  1. Our friend Izzy has been battling a serious illness, and I'm sad to say he's not doing well. If you'd like to send him a card, PM me for his address. Please keep him in your thoughts.


    Art contacted me to tell me the bad news, but he'll be without a computer for a while.





  2. You found In Bruges upbeat? Good God, the final lines were "And I really, really hoped I wouldn't die".



    See? It ended on a hopeful note. ;)


    No, I was being silly in describing it as upbeat; hence the :ninja:. I'd stay far away from anyone who considered that film a lighthearted romp.

  3. At a convenience store, I used 5 GW dollars that I pried out of a roll. "Oh, I didn't know those came in rolls!" the cashier said. I asked if she get many dollar coins. "Yes, but not new and shiny like yours!"


    I used 1 Sac, 2 GW dollars, and 3 halfs at the dvd rental store. The cashier started talking about the dvd I was renting, and didn't register any surprise over the coins. "I'm using up an odd variety of coins," I said. "That's okay - I'll probably buy them back later," he said. I wanted to ask him if he collected coins, but a line had formed behind me. I'll have to go back to satisfy my nosiness.


    I also went to the local coin shop to buy a few small supplies for a whopping 2 GW dollars, but I only used them because I forgot to bring any other cash with me. I asked if he had any Sacs or halfs to trade. He didn't.

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