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  1. I'll try to scrounge up a copy.
  2. Congratulations, LD. I don't get COINage, but just checked the index of their latest issue online. (Unfortunately, none of the articles are accessible.) Which article were you interviewed for?
  3. Oh, nag, nag, nag. I pace myself for the shock value.
  4. You really did wipe them out of Anglo-Saxon. What beauties.
  5. I love contests that don't end right away. U.S. half cent 1803 GB half penny 1841 GB penny 1874
  6. Thanks for the second chance, Mark. Great Britain sixpence 1757 Great Britain half crown 1876 Great Britain crown 1892
  7. I misunderstood "No one made it to the denomination" to mean that no one picked the right country. That's what I get for eating too many waffles.
  8. Great contest, Mark. Australia florin - 1933 New Zealand half crown - 1933 Netherlands 2.5 gulden - 1938
  9. At a convenience store, I used 5 GW dollars that I pried out of a roll. "Oh, I didn't know those came in rolls!" the cashier said. I asked if she get many dollar coins. "Yes, but not new and shiny like yours!" I used 1 Sac, 2 GW dollars, and 3 halfs at the dvd rental store. The cashier started talking about the dvd I was renting, and didn't register any surprise over the coins. "I'm using up an odd variety of coins," I said. "That's okay - I'll probably buy them back later," he said. I wanted to ask him if he collected coins, but a line had formed behind me. I'll have to go back to
  10. I'm going out later today.
  11. I'm ready, and have the correct date.
  12. Hi, Art! I'm in. Please PM me the mailing instructions.
  13. Love your description of the West Friesland daalder. I'm an expert on tuberous mint marks.
  14. That's a medal of some sort, commemorating the centennial of Bastille Day. Welcome to the forum, and I hope someone else can give you more info.
  15. Fleur de lis, hiho. I'm telling you.
  16. Did Willem II intend to have a beard, or did his sideburns go on a rampage?
  17. Thanks for maintaining this thread, Bill. It's one of my favorites. I have a strange weakness for the reverses that promote the glories of aluminum.
  18. I mixed up my dates and spent dollars & halfs today. Here's my post on the subject: http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=414153
  19. I cracked open a roll of GW $1 coins, grabbed a handful of Kennedy halfs, and went to my local breakfast place this morning. The corned beef hash was awful, but at least it wasn't cheap. I plunked down a stack of 8 shiny dollars and a separate stack of 4 halfs. The cashier was a friendly but shy young guy who spoke very little English. He took one look at the stacks and burst into delighted laughter. I'm not talking mild chuckle -- he was almost guffawing. "Do you get many half dollars?" I asked him. "Hahahahahah!" "It does look kinda funny, doesn't it?" "Hahahahahah!" So I starte
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