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  1. A fine example of the range of the medallic arts, Bill.
  2. Thanks for the report -- full of information and a good deal of suspense. Could that tiny intaglio item be a locket? The opening mechanisms can be ingenious, and difficult to detect.
  3. Congratulations, tdp! I considered duplicating your last guesses, with different years. But that strategy could have kept this going for even longer! Thanks for the contest, Mark. It was a lot of fun. And that's a beautiful coin. Was it tough to choose between the three quarter eagles?
  4. Ian can't save us this time... unless he unearths more boxes. Does anyone have a 1611? I'm out until 1608.
  5. U.S. $20 1907 Panama pill (2 1/2 centesimo) 1907 Russia 1/4 kopek 1843
  6. Ha - Somehow I thought Canada had been in that first round! But your "right country/right denomination" clue was the one I was thinking of. Now to go mull...
  7. That's one of my favorite mottos, even if (or maybe because) it reminds me of the Weebles one. "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down."
  8. The Kaiser appears to create some glare, though.
  9. Mark, can I give my fellow contestants a hint that might move this along?
  10. I could do this all year. And maybe... I will. Canada cent 1858 Canada 10 cent 1888 Sweden daler 1717
  11. That was an unexpected response. I'm glad you like it, and if I decide it needs a new home, you'll hear from me! Thanks for the camera stand recommendation. I need all the technological help I can get. Along with lots more practice, of course.
  12. That's a gorgeous photo, Hussulo. I've been thinking of buying a camera stand, especially after LD posted about his.
  13. Thanks. I'm still near the bottom of the learning curve when it comes to coin photography, but... look where I started:
  14. I'm looking forward to continuing this until the 4th of July. GB shilling 1758 GB 4 pence 1776 GB 2 pence 1776
  15. The lettering on the reverse reads, "The Dutch Fair in Copenhagen 1922."
  16. That's a beauty, hiho. I have an 1865 $2 that I'd show you, but the pic I took is truly atrocious.
  17. One of us will be left standing... eventually. Panama 20 balboa 1978 Peru 8 reales 1815 France 20 franc 1910
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