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  1. Sorry about the tiny image. Some Dutch people altered coins during the German occupation, and sold them in secret to help finance the resistance. They replaced the queen's hair with a helmet, and removed parts of her name to make the inscription read "Wilhelmina in Londen." My dad joined the Dutch underground when he was 18. I'd like to add one of these coins to the colllection that he started, but haven't found a lot of info about them. I do know that there are lots of fakes out there. How would someone authenticate an altered coin? And is there an English word for these types of
  2. What I intended to say: "I can learn about coins and practice my horrible Dutch at the same time. But that would probably be difficult... for everyone." It wouldn't surprise me if I actually said something about leering dentists eating tofu.
  3. Ik kan over munten leren en mijn afschuwelijk Nederlands tezelfdertijd uitoefenen. Maar dat zou wel eens moeilijk kunnen zijn... voor iedereen.
  4. Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm working on pics and will post some soon. Marianne
  5. Hello, Coinpeople. I spent a large chunk of my life working for a book wholesaler called Bookpeople, so maybe I'm predisposed to liking this place. The atmosphere is different from the other coin forum I spend time on; it's interesting to compare. Right now, I'm more of a curator than a collector. I've spent eight months wallowing around in the collection I inherited from my father. My parents were from the Netherlands, and my dad built a massive collection of Dutch coins from 1818-1970s, along with earlier provincial coins, mainly from Westfriesland. I also have many tins full of dup
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