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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. How did you do with your shopping list?
  2. Thank you both for the suggestions. I'll poke around some Dutch auction sites.
  3. Just found my first die crack, running to the "C" on the reverse of this Netherlands 10 cent. There. Plus I finally embedded a photo correctly... life is good.
  4. You are even more evil than I am - hou is het mogelijk? As for my licorice supplier... they even have a slide show: http://www.hollandsbest.com/english/licorice/index_flash.php No, I haven't tried the Bumpy Gumpies.
  5. Yes, I've inherited all the Dutch food preferences. My friends only mistake my dubbel zoute drop for regular licorice once, and then speak of it in horror for weeks afterward. That's what they get for raiding my pantry.
  6. My brother didn't think I wanted my dad's coin books and catalogs, so he got rid of them. He felt so terrible about this later that I only gave him one . I'm interested in the history of Netherlands coins, particularly the Westfriesland ones minted in Enkhuizen and those of the Willems & Wilhelmina. Jacques Schulman's Handboek van de Nederlandse Munten seems to be a standard, and for provincial coins I keep running into Zonnebloem. Would these be a good start? I've learned a lot online, but I need books.
  7. Valitettavasti, en puhu suomea. I learned a little bit years ago - I love languages and a friend's father was from Finland. But I can only ask for help and salmiakkia. You're off the hook until I learn more about what I already have, and that will take a while. I'll check for the Netherlands Antilles and East Indies crowns you're looking for, but I'm pretty sure I don't have those.
  8. I considered the Holland Coin Fair, but... February? I'm not quite that obsessed yet.
  9. That's an impressive list of participants. I wish I could go, but I'm planning to visit the Netherlands next year.
  10. Now THAT's what I call a harsh cleaning.
  11. The Wilhelmina Proof is one of my favorites - it was quite a surprise when I found it. Thanks for the support & for your kind comments. I will be pestering you in no time.
  12. Thank you! I'll be posting some homely coins too, believe me. My father had an enormous collection of Finnish stamps, but no Finnish coins. I will change that. Sinun apuasi tarvitaan.
  13. Her face and breast look almost silkscreened. Beautiful, Scottishmoney.
  14. We'd be Holstein a party and plying them with pints of Heiferweizen.
  15. Writing in Dutch is always an adventure for me. Will I put "groenten" (vegetables) when I mean "groeten" (greetings)? It has been known to happen. I've started posting on Omnicoin under the name aglet. My photography skills are nonexistent, which you will see right away. But I bought a tripod and a gooseneck lamp, so it's just practice practice practice I guess. A friend (Doug, are you out there?) put me in touch with a collector of Dutch coins when I had a mintage-related question. This collector was so horrified that I was using a 1978 Mevius that he bought me the new edition on hi
  16. Then I'll keep an eye out for two. Thanks for all the info, and for the link to stuff made from coins. I have a large assortment of Dutch theelepeltjes (teaspoons) but none made from coins. This is a terrible omission.
  17. I came across this comment while reading about trench art: "Decorated shell casings... sometimes come with projectiles. Occasionally these may contain live explosives that can kill or cause serious injury." Yikes. The Bud Vase of Destruction.
  18. I didn't know about moomismatics until now. Is there a cattlelog?
  19. Those are wonderful, Ian - I'll be reading up on trench art. You can still smell the perfume in the smugglers' pieces? That's almost frightening.
  20. Have we herd the last of this low humor, or are we just grazing the surface?
  21. The Royal Dutch Mint had one of these for sale, but it was already sold when I saw it. I liked that the Mint didn't balk over carrying a defaced coin. History trumps finicky. But I did wonder how they could be confident that it was an original, unless it had some sort of provenance. Scottishmoney, I've heard amazing stories - mostly from my mom, since my dad didn't like to talk about some parts.
  22. Sorry about the tiny image. Some Dutch people altered coins during the German occupation, and sold them in secret to help finance the resistance. They replaced the queen's hair with a helmet, and removed parts of her name to make the inscription read "Wilhelmina in Londen." My dad joined the Dutch underground when he was 18. I'd like to add one of these coins to the colllection that he started, but haven't found a lot of info about them. I do know that there are lots of fakes out there. How would someone authenticate an altered coin? And is there an English word for these types of
  23. What I intended to say: "I can learn about coins and practice my horrible Dutch at the same time. But that would probably be difficult... for everyone." It wouldn't surprise me if I actually said something about leering dentists eating tofu.
  24. Ik kan over munten leren en mijn afschuwelijk Nederlands tezelfdertijd uitoefenen. Maar dat zou wel eens moeilijk kunnen zijn... voor iedereen.
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