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  1. One raised glazed donut later... Weirdly enough, no one has guessed even two out of 3 correctly in a single post. Two of the centuries have rarely come up at all.
  2. You're guessing 5th, 1st/2nd/3rd, and 13th, which puzzles me and makes me want a donut. There really is a 3 century answer. Please don't give up, Mila cent.
  3. Sheesh, I made this harder than I thought. So I'll add a random drawing from all posts. Random winner gets an 1873 Netherlands 2.5 gulden. Hint: None of the centuries are consecutive. If no one nails it before then, I'll start giving more pointed hints tomorrow.
  4. There's a hint in my original post that would eliminate some centuries. It involves a quick look at my Omnicoin link.
  5. It's been a year since I took over my father's coin collection. I started out knowing nothing about coins, but after a year of diligent study I can say with confidence that I know four things. Time to celebrate! I recently purchased my first non-inherited coins. There are three from different centuries A.D., and none of these centuries were included in my father's collection. Guess which 3 centuries. First correct guess wins, and it runs until it's done. You can try again 12 hours after your last guess. Winner gets three coins, each from a different century. At least on
  6. marianne


    Welcome to the forum! Your stone is apparently a piece of the House of Commons, which was bombed in 1941. A similar item was sold on eBay for £18. Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Houses-of-Parliament...egoryZ208QQrdZ1
  7. One of my 9-year-old twin nieces is really kissing up to Santa this year. The last line is my favorite. Patience is a guinea pig with poor circulation. Hey, I should embroider that on a pillow. Happy holidays to everyone! Marianne
  8. That King Protea was worth the wait. It looks like an alien life form.
  9. (Patient on the outside, hyper on the inside.)
  10. What a great trip. My Tante Mol lives in Pretoria, and the jacaranda trees there must have been amazing. Did you see proteas in bloom? They're one of my lievelingsbloemen.
  11. This reminds me of poor J. Sanford Saltus. On the eve of becoming the first American president of the British Numismatics Society, in 1922, he decided to clean a few coins in his London hotel room. He was using potassium cyanide and mistook the cyanide solution for his refreshing glass of ginger ale. Doesn't that sound like one of those creepy cautionary tales for children? "You want to clean your coins, Jimmy? Well, let me tell you a bedtime story..." Anyway, it sounds like cleaning was still an accepted practice in the early '20s.
  12. September 1948 On my mantle sits a photo of my uncle in his RAF uniform.
  13. 28Plain, I've used acetone to remove pvc contamination on copper and bronze without seeing any immediate signs of discoloration, but after many warnings about future color changes I've avoided using acetone on these metals unless I have to. People have had divergent results, it seems. You give me hope that my coins won't turn dayglo orange. Lard makes a better pie crust than a coin crust, as my dear grandmother might have said. I'll take a look at GSE, and I really appreciate all the advice. Experimentation to follow. Lots of it.
  14. That might work on the coins that are pitted.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I'll try the most harmless method first - maybe seal the coins in a container with baking soda or charcoal for a few days. This is eye-watering, über mould, so I may run through most of your suggestions, short of sandblasting. (gxseries, I won't use acetone on the copper coins.)
  16. A friend brought me some U.S. coins that his dad must've had stashed in a dank basement for decades. The musty smell is overpowering. The large cents are fairly cruddy, so I'm guessing that the smell has permeated the crud, but there's a fairly decent 1830 Bust half that I'd like to de-smellify if possible. Is there any way to neutralize the odor?
  17. Okay, here's a Hallmark sentiment. Just throw a Wheatie into the card. Some cents are red Others tone blue This one is Wheat but not as sweet as you. (I just gave myself a cavity...)
  18. It doesn't take a loupe to see the doubling on your reverse.
  19. Oh, you can't weasel out that easily - it's a drawing! Anyway, that would take 87% of the fun out of it.
  20. The closer I get to the downtown parking meters, the more I hunch over. It's like evolution running backwards.
  21. "So what happened here?" the cop asked, surveying the trashed bar. The bartender shook his head. "It's a slow night. Two Dollar Bill comes in around 10:00 and folds himself onto that stool over there. Orders a pint of Red Seal." "He a regular?" "He shows up now and then. I gotta tell you, he's a little hard to take. Always going on about how he could be tender if people would just accept him." "Sounds like he has lots of issues." "More than most people know. And always looking for someone to change him." The cop looked up from his notes. "Be careful what you
  22. My sister was watching tv in another room, and suddenly yelled, "You have to see this! It's about you!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuEvOIovw4k
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