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  1. If I run across anything that beautiful, I'm not budging. But I'll try not to drool on anyone's inventory.
  2. Ha, it did sound like I was expecting a root canal or something - but I will have fun.
  3. I've worked lots of book industry trade shows, but I'm still a little apprehensive about attending my first coin show - probably because this time I have no idea what I'm doing. It's a fairly small show (45 tables) and I doubt there will be much in the way of world coins. My main goal is to absorb as much information as I can without enraging any dealers or committing a major faux pas. I know better than to monopolize a dealer's time, but is it generally okay to lurk on the sidelines and eavesdrop? Maybe I can keep retying my shoelaces in strategic locations. I'm building a small
  4. Welcome, De Orc. How's the house in Brazil coming along?
  5. Thanks for the contest, gxseries. I'm going to fish around... 1. Russia, 6 2. Japan, 3 3. South Korea, 2 4. Australia, 5 5. Latvia, 3 6. Oldest: 1922 7. Biggest: 40
  6. I'm too sentimental to part with any of the coins from my father's main collection, even though I'm heartily sick of staring at Willem III's beard and eyebrows. He'd be the first to go.
  7. Thanks, Jos. This is the first time I've run across die deterioration. Unfortunately, this is the only 1823 Utrecht half cent in my collection, so I'm holdng on to it. I still have to examine many duplicate "halfjes," though. We'll see if any errors turn up along the way.
  8. This grubby little Netherlands half cent has something extra on either side of the shield and what looks like a doubled or overstruck C. What happened?
  9. I'm not sure which I covet more - your token or Sailor Jean's trolleyette. Researching him must have been a lot of fun.
  10. The site is still down. And now "The Grand Old Duke of York" is stuck in my head. Typical Monday.
  11. What would Captain Haddock say about that design?
  12. Mystery solved. Thanks, Ian. The book you mention is one that I have on my ever-increasing "to buy" list.
  13. Thanks, Drusus. I've been looking online and in Krause for basic information about liards/oorden from that time period and general area, but can't find approximate sizes for these coins. It's weird. Diverse weights and diverse measures might be part of the problem.
  14. This was (mis)identified by a long-ago seller as being a 16 maravedis from Zeeland. I'm thinking it's from Brabant, with the angel head mintmark of Brussels. Diameter's about 31mm. It's skinny. My best guess is liard or half liard, but that's only by process of elimination - I can't find any pics that match. Nor can I find a coin with the legend "Pondus et pondus, mensura et mensura." Help, anyone? Marianne
  15. Wow, I can't believe you already received it! I couldn't mail the package until Monday, so I put a fresh donut in there. Then I went to the post office counter and said, "I have to send a donut to New York." That's one way to start lively conversations, believe me. Now I wish I'd brought extra to share at the post office. I'll let you know how my collection comes together, Mila_cent.
  16. I went to look up the definition of "maverick" tokens and got completely sidetracked! That token was as close as I could get to one of your areas of interest, short of wrapping the coins in aluminum foil. And that might seem... um, demented. I'm glad you like it. Yep, we're practically neighbors!
  17. Got it. That will be one stale donut. And you're all very welcome.
  18. I don't know, but he wore a raspberry beret.
  19. Okay, I bought this to make one of my brothers laugh. I've loved the Tintin/Kuifje books since I was tiny, and my brother has bought me all sorts of Tintin stuff over the years. Captain Haddock is my favorite, though. His cussing added all sorts of great words to my vocabulary.
  20. Follis commemorating the founding of Rome, issued in 334 when Constantine I was moving the capital from Rome to Constantinople. Lots of political hoohah. It's a common coin, but it still astounds me that a piece of history can be so inexpensive.
  21. Drachm from the kingdom of Persis, circa 50 AD. This is about as foreign a coin as I could find. Even the ruler is a mystery: he's the unknown king formerly known as Prince Y.
  22. We have a winner! Congratulations, Bill. PM me with your info and I'll mail your prizes out tomorrow. I had my sister draw a number from all posts (more fun than computer-generated, somehow) and she picked #47, which is... Mila_cent! Since I already owe you a donut, this works out great. Congratulations to you. PM me, please. Thanks to everyone who participated, and while I'm at it, thanks for all the help and silly diversions you've supplied during my first year. I'll start a My New Purchases thread tonight to show you my bizarre selection.
  23. This is looking promising. One of the last batch of posts has 2 out of 3...
  24. I have no idea what I'm doing either, other than eating donuts. I'll save you one. To answer your question about what century is below 409 AD: 1-99 is the 1st century 100-199 is the 2nd century 200-299 is the 3rd century 300-399 is the 4th century 400-499 is the 5th century There's a fine argument that a century starts at '01, but I'm ignoring it for this contest. Anyway, none of the coins are from years ending in 00.
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