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  1. I found a 1941 and 1947 nickel last night at the drive thru. Besides that 1 wheat penny from 1954 in bad shape and some new face nickels and thats it.
  2. Found 1943 and 1957 nickels at the drive thru today.
  3. Collection, but i want to do as many collections as i can for him and our baby thats on the way.
  4. So i have recently started collecting for my son, because my grandpa did it for me when i was young. Now i have of course been collecting wheat pennies, and now pennies from 1958-1981 because of the copper content. What years and younger nickles, dimes and quarters should i be looking for. For example should i look at quarters only older than 1980 or 1970??? The only thing ive been collecting of those is the new nickle(keelboat, handshake, buffalo, etc..) Any advise would be great, thanks in advance!
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