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  1. Hi everyone. I posted these in a thread a wile ago, Thought it would be OK to add them in this GREAT thread . Alan
  2. Thanks Art I have a pretty good Kennedy collection, all PR69 DCAM. I have been working on it for a wile now, but still so fare to go. LOL Alan
  3. Part of my birth year set and some nice toning Alan
  4. Hi Art These are some of my raw coins for my Kennedy folder. Alan
  5. Hi Art Here are a couple I like from my collection. Alan
  6. Hi Roger Thanks for posting You are correct that is one beautiful sample. It must have been very hard parting with such a coin. Alan
  7. Hi Art They all go into my coin album. Alan
  8. When I received these coins, I could not believe how amazing they where in hand. All have full steps, I used my loop to make sure. I hope you enjoy them Alan
  9. Hi this is another new coin I am starting to collect. I want to take my time, buy what I can afford, but still get the nicest coin I can Any comments and help would be appreciated Thanks Alan
  10. I have just started collecting IHC these are the first three I have won The first one I have already posted the others are new I am taking my time and only buying what I can afford, and still get good coins. so fare how am I doing? Thanks for looking Alan
  11. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me, I would like to bid on this coin, but I very new to this type of coin. So I would like to know what is the highest amount I should bid on this coin. Thanks so much Alan
  12. Hi Art That is a very nice sample, I really like the NGC state samples. I have a site for you friend, it has many state samples for sale. I hope it will help him. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l2736&_nkw=sample+slabs Alan
  13. Greetings all I was given this idea by one of our very own members. I must say I think this could be a lot of fun. All you have to do is post a picture of your favorite sample slab. Lets see how long we can keep this thread going. So I will start with one of my favorite samples, a 1911 V Nicole. What I like about this sample is that it is a circulated coin, and there are several dates for you to collect.
  14. Hi Bill Bill I have not had time to research this, as I have been busy writing my next article. But if I had to guess I would have to say yes. What makes think that is this. ELIZABETH II CORONATION...1953 IN ROMAN NUMERALS. 1 OZ.PURE COPPER.ISSUED TO SCHOOL CHILDREN IN 1953 That is from the seller on his site I just love these medals. The best part is I only paid one dollar for each one. All the Best Alan
  15. Hi everyone I have enjoyed seeing so many amazing American commemoriative coins. I wanted to share with you all some Canadian commemoriative coins. They are dated from first to last. 1939, 1953 and 1927. They are all pure copper 1/2 oz, excpet Elizabeth II, it is 1 oz. I know this form is for American coins, so I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my own country's commemoriative coins I hope you all enjoy them Alan
  16. Hi I am thinking of buying this coin, I am very new to copper and I could use a hand with this one. What would pay for this coin Thanks so much Alan
  17. acan451

    ANA Chicago

    Have a great time Bill Alan
  18. This is my fifth article . I truly hope you enjoy it. All the Best Alan http://coinauctionshelp.com/Coin_Help_Blog/2011/08/15/rare-sample-slabs-the-sample-slabs-to-look-for/
  19. Just picked this up the other day. I have decided to put it up for sale. So I will be doing that some time this week Alan
  20. These are the rest of the ones I picked Up Alan
  21. I just picked these up for my Jefferson album. I will be putting all proof in my album. But it will take a wile. Alan
  22. I have been looking for so long to find this commemorative in just the right condition. But I finally found one, followed it for six days on eBay, and won it. I have allways liked this coin and the waiting was worth it. I hope you enjoy this coin as much as I do, Alan
  23. Not a problem Art, any time I can help. Well you just let me know Alan
  24. Just picked these for my album. I am very pleased with each one. Alan.
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